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Video and Slides: PCI Compliance and Fraud Prevention in Nonprofits

Are you trying to wrap your head around PCI security requirements, how to securely manage payment card data and what types of credit card fraud to watch out for? During November’s Net2van meeting we learned more about the implications of PCI-DSS requirements, best practices around securely storing credit card data and how to put tools in place to prevent costly (and frustrating) credit card fraud at your organization.

Patricia O’Connor, Partner Account Manager at iATS Payments, was our guest presenter and has generously shared her slides and a video of her talk. iATS Payments provides payment processing products and services to over 10,000 nonprofit organizations around the world.



Slides and Photos: The Digital Nonprofit

So, that was awesome, eh? Thanks for being part of the second annual The Digital Nonprofit! We’ll be posting videos in the next few weeks, but for now here’s slides from our presenters.


My thanks to Noah Ferguson for documenting the event.

Slides and Screencasts

We don’t have slides and screencasts for every presentation, but here’s what we’ve got for now. ?

The Role of Data in Equity and Social Justice With Vu Le of Nonprofit with Balls

You Are In Sales – The Digital Nonprofit with Peter Wrinch of Nationbuilder

iATS Payments Intro To Mobile Donations

55 ways to love your donors – The Digital Nonprofit with Benjamin Johnson

[Slides & Video] Small Changes for Big Results: How to Optimize Your Online Donations

Is your online donation form communicating a strong reason for site visitors to take action and donate? Perhaps it’s time to take a critical look at your online donation form and how it’s motivating – or not motivating – your prospective donors. Research shows that even small changes can generate big results! We are thrilled to share the slides and video from NetSquared Vancouver’s October meetup where we learned more about some best practices that can improve and optimize your online fundraising efforts. This presentation is courtesy of iATS Payments’s Heather Ballachey.


This webinar-style video captures the slides and audio from Heather’s presentation. However, you’re missing out on the part where we broke into groups to test each other’s donation forms on a mobile device. Try it. You’ll be horrified!

SLIDES AND VIDEO: $ocial Media? Using small wins to grow social media revenue


Ever heard it said “there’s no ‘$’ in social media. Just a plain old letter ‘s’?” Many organizations have found that a strong social media presence has not yet translated directly into significant fundraising revenue.

Shoni Field shares the BC SPCA’s experiences using a ‘small wins’ approach to growing their social media sourced revenue. This video was recorded at NetSquared Vancouver’s September 2, 2014 meetup.

Video: Shoni’s Presentation

Video: Needs Parade Community Updates

Shoni Field for Net2van
Shoni Field
As Director of Fundraising Innovation at the BC SPCA, Shoni Field explores dynamic opportunities in micro-campaign and peer-to-peer fundraising that deeply engages their support base. Shoni has eighteen years of experience in direct response fundraising. She has worked with a range of non-profits including The Pembina Institute, Imagine1Day, EcoJustice, The Arthritis Society and the B.C. Cancer Agency.

SLIDES AND VIDEO: How individuals are using technology and data to support vulnerable populations


Charities and not-for-profits use technology to advance their missions, but what about individual citizens and their favourite causes? A soon-to-be released research report, conducted by Trina Isakson of 27 Shift and commissioned by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC), examines emerging ways that Canadians are supporting vulnerable populations-beyond giving and volunteering.

Online fundraising presentation for Social Media Club Vancouver

The cool kids at Social Media Club Vancouver invited me to their #SMCYVRsummer event August 14. Good times! They hold their event in Ceili’s, so there’s booze. A valuable lesson for Net Tuesday?

As an old man I went in to sass the crowd of youngsters and told them that they couldn’t fundraise with social media (a bit of a lie. But also true.)

Here’s the slide deck I used to support my song and dance.

The ten most engaging Facebook posts

… as told by Darren Barefoot and Theo Lamb at NetSquared Camp 2012.

The top ten most engaging Facebook posts

Darren Barefoot and Theo Lamb analyzed the last 50 Facebook posts by 20 environmental nonprofits, totalling 1,000 posts.

Storified by Elijah van der Giessen · Sun, Apr 29 2012 20:16:08

Here’s the top ten posts according to their engagement score.

Facebook engagement = likes + (comments *2.5) + (shares *5)

See the full list of Facebook posts at at
#1 Surfrider Foundation
What goes in the ocean, goes in you! Rise AboveFacebook
#2 Surfrider Foundation (again!)
Happy Valentine’s Day to the love of our life …Facebook
Today the US Senate rejected a proposal to cut …Facebook
#4 National Audubon Society
Start your Monday morning off right with this …Facebook
#5 Rainforest Action Network
Land clearing fires set by palm oil companies …Facebook
#6 Earthjustice
Valentine’s Day is not about buying roses or …Facebook
#7 Surfrider Foundation
Jumping on the bandwagon….Facebook
#8 Earthjustice
This heartbreaking photo from West Virginia …Facebook
#9 Surfrider Foundation
Rise. Above. Plastics.Facebook
#10 Earthjustice
R.I.P. Senator Tree…. This sad photo shows howFacebook

Five recommendations from Darren and Theo

Facebook recommendation #1: You’re probably not publishing enough photos and videos. – @dbarefoot @theolamb #n2campKelvin (KC) Claveria
Facebook recommendation #2: People like simple messages laid over photos. – @dbarefoot @theolamb #n2campKelvin (KC) Claveria
Facebook recommendation #3: Link more often to sites other than your own. (Share the love.) – @dbarefoot @theolamb #n2campKelvin (KC) Claveria
Facebook recommendation #4: Ask people to share your content sparingly. – @dbarefoot @theolamb #n2campKelvin (KC) Claveria
Facebook recommendation #5: Emulate Earthjustice, Surfrider, and Rainforest Action Network. – @dbarefoot @theolamb #n2campKelvin (KC) Claveria

Recap: redesigning your website with Lauren Bacon (video + slides)

So, the October 2011 Net Tuesday was pretty awesome. Lauren Bacon is a super-pro.

Here’s proof:

The edit starts with Lauren praising me (Eli). This is an accident. I swear!

Lauren also offered to share her slide deck:

And here’s the slide deck she referenced: 5 strategies for facilitating social change online.