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Job Posting: Kudoz YVR Community Mobilizer

Community Mobilizer 
full-time position
Apply by March 30th at

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The Curator position is a groundbreaking new role for the social sector. Tired of the staid and too often stigmatizing activities on offer for people with developmental disabilities, we’ve created a catalogue full of novel and offbeat learning experiences. But, here’s the best part. All of our learning experiences are hosted by wonderful locals – students, retirees, curious citizens, and business owners – in homes, workplaces & public spaces. As one of our Curators, you’ll hit the ground to meet and recruit people with developmental disabilities and community members. You’ll identify people’s interests, and coach them to share those interests in one-hour, in-person exchanges. It’s a volunteer experience we want to be unlike any other. You’ll help to transform volunteering into an easy, on-demand, passion-led pursuit. To keep host energy and momentum up, you’ll have superb follow through and a hefty dose of creativity. You’ll join our team of other creative souls whose only limits are what we can imagine and make happen.

What does a Mobilization Curator do?
See a week in the life of a Kudoz Curator.

The nuts and bolts
This position is a full time, term position hosted by Kinsight. Kinsight works alongside families of children, youth and adults with developmental delays and disabilities to set and achieve goals that will increase opportunities for growth, development and greater independence. Their mission is to promote options and opportunities for people to have meaningful relationships and fulfilling lives.

More about you

  • You’re driven by big ideas. Mission matters to you. And you really see community inclusion and connectedness as a mission worth signing-up to. The status quo pisses you off, and you see putting in the hard work required for social transformation as worth it.
  • You’re a reflexive learner. You are energized by what you don’t know, as much as what you do know. You seek out novelty in your own life, and courageously pursue things even when you’re not good at them.  You wholeheartedly believe in a growth mindset: that everyone – no matter their background of circumstances – can develop over time. It’s never too late to stretch yourself.
  • You’re curious and open-minded. A curator is a bit of an anthropologist, looking for culture in their community and tapping into it. You’re a natural at authentically getting to know people and figuring out what makes them tick. You see the best in people: helping them discover new things about themselves, articulating their passions, and inspiring them to share with others.
  • You’re a charming communicator. You delightfully compose words and imagery  – and can write & speak copy that people want to engage with. Pitches just roll off your tongue. You see yourself as a bit of a social media wizard – able to capture more in 140 characters than most can in 1000. You enjoy creating novel content, and splicing together quotes, photos, and video in ways that convey the Kudoz spirit and prompt people to act. Technology is your friend.
  • You’re opportunistic and strategic. You’re all about going to people where they are at and developing different value propositions to see what sticks. You love variety in your day and are jazzed by just hitting the ground and making surprising things happen. But, your approach is more than trial and error. You base what you do on grounded hunches, gathered intelligence, and of course, data. Far from overwhelming you, numbers inject you with energy and ideas for action. You are not afraid to fail and iterate.
  • You cross boundaries. You don’t live your life in boxes or compartments. You’re not shy at drawing on your personal networks and will make whatever phone calls and send whatever emails are necessary to make good things happen, quickly.
  • You’re all about details and follow through. You subscribe to the belief that the devil is in the details. It’s so important to you to create interactions and materials that are well thought through and well executed. You get that a good idea is not enough and gain satisfaction from implementation, documentation, and follow-up.
  • You work well under pressure. Logistically, you know how to work to a deadline, be on time, and consistently deliver. Variability is not your thing. The pursuit of excellence is a core value – so you take the time to put in place robust work processes.
  • You’re looking for purpose, not a job. This isn’t a 9-to-5 job, which is handy, because you don’t want one of those. You’re at a point in your life where you are able to invest your time and connections in something meaningful. You’re ready to make big stuff happen and can flex your time as needed.
  • You’re a collaborator and team player. You derive energy from working closely with others, and totally think the sum is more than its parts. You step in where needed, take initiative, explicitly communicate your needs, and nurture close working relationships. You welcome regular and honest feedback. Your project positivity.
  • You’re resilient in the face of rejection. Meeting with people, lots of people can be tiring. Your cheeks may  get sore from smiling, your throat dry from talking, and your hands chapped from all the hand shaking. That’s ok – you’ve got some good self-care techniques. And rather than feel turned off by rejection, you see it as gist for the mill. It makes you smarter – and sharpens your strategy.

Apply by March 30th at

Job Posting: Full Stack Web Developer for New/Mode in Vancouver

New/Mode is seeking an experienced full stack web developer in Canada to assist in developing and maintaining a suite of Drupal-based tools that help purpose-driven organizations foster change. 

If you are interested in Drupal and other open source technologies, and are excited at the prospect of building a product that uses emerging technologies with an aim to make the world a better place, please apply.

We live in troubling times, where people are increasingly losing trust in democratic institutions.  All of us have a responsibility to reimagine and rejuvenate democracy so that governments work in the interest of those most impacted by their decisions. New/Mode is a social enterprise that’s reimagining democratic engagement in the digital age. We help causes empower their supporters, influence decision-makers & win campaigns. Our aim is to power democratic participation wherever the open Internet exists.

Learn more at:

Please send a CV and cover letter to [email protected]. The inclusion of github and usernames is appreciated.