Building Resilience and Capacity through Skilled Volunteering: Meaningful Work

Learn about how your nonprofit can achieve digital transformation and utilize skill-based volunteering to drive deeper impact. In this video you will discover how easy it is to connect with skill-based volunteers that have today’s most in-demand skills to achieve some of your biggest goals and how to build new corporate partnerships & funding avenues through corporate volunteers.


Thank you so much for attending our webinar on Skill-based Volunteering. We’re so excited and honoured to support the incredible impact you are making. As promised the slides are embedded on this page, and I below I share a few of the next steps you can take to develop skill-based volunteer capacity at your org.

  1. If you’d like to join the platform, please visit or sign up for a demo call here.
  2. Our short nonprofit guide to skill-based volunteering is linked here. For a more comprehensive guide to skill-based volunteering, be sure to go through the modules at
  3. To book a custom workshop on topics from EDI to Impact Storytelling for your organization please visit and contact [email protected] with any questions!


— Raaj

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