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The Volunteer BC & BCACG Conference for non-profits, charities & volunteers is around the corner – October 28 & 29!  Check out the full schedule and exceptional line-up of non-profit experts. Plenty of sessions, panels and networking to choose from.

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The 25% of Google Analytics Nonprofits Need to Know

Does your nonprofit use Google Analytics to its fullest potential?

Google Analytics is a household name, but many nonprofits don’t really know what to do with it. This means critical data goes unnoticed, leading to inaccurate (or bad!) decisions.

In this recorded webinar, web consultant and Google Analytics pro Alison Knott shares the most important parts of Google Analytics every nonprofit needs to know about.

8 Key Things You’ll Learn in this Video:

  1. Getting to know the basics of Google Analytics
  2. The best places to start with Google Analytics and where to find key data (such as Audience, Acquisition, and Referrals)
  3. How to set goals and track their success
  4. Key measurements and how to track them (including pageviews, sessions, conversions, and bounces)
  5. Tracking your most popular pages, their referral paths, and what actions (if any) Users take after viewing them
  6. How to export reports and set a recurring schedule for automatic reports
  7. How to use Secondary Dimensions to dive deeper
  8. Setting goals and tracking their success

You’ll also learn:

  • How to filter out yourself and known spam bots from your traffic reports
  • How to link your Google Search Console
  • How to track popular terms Users search for on your site
  • How to find your site’s most popular landing pages
  • How to filter results for location-based data

Watch the webinar on the 25% of Google Analytics nonprofits need to know:

Building Resilience and Capacity through Skilled Volunteering: Meaningful Work

Learn about how your nonprofit can achieve digital transformation and utilize skill-based volunteering to drive deeper impact. In this video you will discover how easy it is to connect with skill-based volunteers that have today’s most in-demand skills to achieve some of your biggest goals and how to build new corporate partnerships & funding avenues through corporate volunteers.