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Video: Making #GivingTuesday Work For Your Nonprofit

Giving Tuesday is December 3, and it’s a tactic many organizations use to help increase year-end donations. But how can you make it work for your nonprofit?

NetSquared Vancouver’s November 5 meetup featured a panel discussion where nonprofit leaders shared stories and tools on why and how your organizations can get involved with the “opening day of the giving season.”


  • Elizabeth Moffat | Associate Director, Marketing & Communications at VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation
  • Rekha Pavanantharajah | Director of Engagement & Development, ArtStarts in Schools
  • Chris Brandt | Founder, Charity Agency

MODERATOR: Amanda Burrows | Philanthropy Aide

Amanda’s Best Practices for #GivingTuesday

Need #GivingTuesday Help?

Schedule a 30 minute Giving Tuesday session with event moderator Amanda Burrows. Email [email protected]

EventChain Offers Free Ticketing Service for Your #GivingTuesday Events

Charity Agency works with local ticketing company EventChain, who are supporting Giving Tuesday this year by waiving all fees for nonprofit events during the first week of December. Keep every penny from your Giving Tuesday event by visiting EventChain.io and clicking Create Event. Where it asks for a promo code, enter GivingTuesday2019.


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Slides and Video: The Digital Nonprofit 2019 Conference Report

Thanks for being a part of our fifth The Digital Nonprofit conference! Our speakers have kindly permitted us to share their slides and session videos so that you can relive the Tech4Good goodness.

How Design Thinking Can Lead to the More Effective Use of Technology for Social Impact with Michael Johnston

The leadership that Digital Demands with Shoni Field and Ryann Miller

Social Media from the Top with Chris Brandt

3 Keys to Rocking Your Next Integrated Campaign with Kimberly Shearon

The Happy Healthy Nonprofit with Beth Kanter

⚡️⚡️⚡️ LIGHTNING TALKS!!! ⚡️⚡️⚡️

5 Ways to Boost Email Engagement Through Personalization with Megan McCaffery

How to Regularly – and Without a Lot of Extra Effort – Find, Capture and Share Good Stories About Your Organization with Nicole Jones

Why Embark on a Technology Project with Jack Mercer

Small Data for Big Change with Sarah Schulman

Website Best Practices: How to Effectively Engage Your Online Visitors with Tamara Rahmani

The Agile Approach To Creating Better Audience Engagement with Mack Hardy

Best Practices for Collecting Member Feedback with Kathryn Svobodny


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Video interviews: how do you successfully implement a CRM at your nonprofit?

CRM is hard! So before you choose a database why not learn from other organization’s difficulties? (and wins!)

Darren Barefoot interviewed Alexis Stoymenoff and Elena Iñurrategui. They’ve confronted all sides of the CRM question: from within orgs and as consultants to them. Viewers will gain wisdom about when to adopt a CRM and what questions to ask to make the right infrastructure decisions for their organizations.

Want more? Here’s the Q&A session featuring Brenton Walters (whose interview was, sadly, lost.)

Net2van’s free events are possible because of the consistent support of partners like iATS Payments, the Vancouver Community Network, Techsoup Canada, and NTEN.

Slides and Video: Content is Queen: How to Rule the Video Story World

Net Tuesday Vancouver

This event is the first in a series of eight monthly meetups focusing on Video for Nonprofits. We will cover everything from strategy to hands-on editing workshops between now and March 2014. Please join us!

Allanah Mooney from Lionheart Productions provided an overview of content planning, development & management, with an emphasis on video.

Through practical examples from a multi-year video campaign, Allanah shared how to plan, create and gather visual & narrative assets, how to organize and store them, & how to repurpose content for multiple audiences, occasions & delivery methods. The audience learned the importance of curating good content, and the role of content in audience engagement & revenue growth.

This presentation will appeal to those looking for a longer-term strategy for their video and other storytelling assets.

[Storify] Using Video to Tell Your Stories – Net Tuesday May 7 2013

Using Video to Tell Your Stories – Net Tuesday May 7 2013

Video is taking over the internet. Fast. Nonprofits need to get in front of this trend now. Video can be complicated and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. This week three guests shared their tips for creating visually striking videos on a nonprofit budget.

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Net Tuesday Vancouver – presented by NetSquaredVideo is taking over the internet. Fast. Nonprofits need to get in front of this trend now. Video can be complicated and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Join Net Tuesday this May for a lico

1. Siobhan Aspinall started the event by sharing her three favorite nonprofit videos and explored WHY they were successful. It wasn’t because they spent the most money!

YOUR organization could create something like this.
Latino Bigs Atrevete a Cambiar una Vidabbbsofnyc
Heartbreaking, but requires a big investment.
Jung von Matt/Limmat: Pro Infirmis Get closer.JvMLimmat
The best donor stewardship video EVER!
This is what’s possible when you invest!
Stroh Center Rapbgsu
Here’s another video that Siobhan loves that she didn’t have time to show. This is what Major Gifts fundraising is all about!! ?
Note: That Matt Damon video is NSFW!
Matt Damon in Entourage season 6 Finale [HD]seeqay

2. Eli demos Mozilla’s Popcorn Maker, a free tool for remixing and annotating any Youtube or Vimeo video.

Popcorn MakerPopcorn Maker makes it easy to enhance, remix and share web video. Use your web browser to combine video and audio with content from the …
Examples of Popcorn videos
Pro Infirmis popcornCreated with Popcorn Maker – part of the Mozilla Webmaker initiative
NetSquared Camp TorontoThis was created with Popcorn Maker – part of the Mozilla Webmaker initiative
Popcorn MakerAlso, + Elijah van der Giessen showed a very practical tutorial on #Mozilla 's #Popcorn in all it's glory. + Siobhan Aspinall made a great point about controlling the cost and quality of video production if you are a non-profit or charity. Remember your audience.

3. Tiva Quinn showed off two tools for creating animation on the cheap.

Screen recording of Tiva’s demos
Tiva Quinn on Animoto and Sparkol VideoScribeevdg
Tiva’s slide deck, full of great tips for planning your video project.
Affordable animation for non profitsHow To Do It Quick & CheapAnd When to Take It Up a LevelHow Much AnimationCan I Get for $50?Featuring:AnimotoVideoScribeOnwords! Consulting

Animoto – create animated videos from photos

Thanks, From DonorTecconnectinguporg
A video intro to Animoto
Animoto for Your Nonprofitconnectinguporg
Animoto is available free to charities
For a Cause – Non-Profit VideosAnimoto supports not-for-profits and other humanitarian causes with free upgraded access.If you are a charity, non-profit, activist or school organization, apply today for a free pro account at Animoto. Produce DVD-quality videos from photos. Animoto, the end of slideshows.

Sparkol VideoScribe – creating animated “whiteboard” videos.

Use this link to create a VideoScribe account. This is an affiliate link, which is a free way for you to thank Tiva for her contributions to Net Tuesday. ?
Sparkol VideoScribe – What’s your story?Sparkol VideoScribe – What’s your story? Create engaging scribe videos easily
The key decision points in a video project – created with Sparkol VideoScribe
Making Animationsativaq
Examples of Tiva’s work
Seedstock Part 1sativaq
Using Video to Tell Your StoriesOne of the presenters tonight, + Tiva Quinn , hid this in the bottom corner of a slide. I think it deserves a slide of it's own. Keys to engaging video production: ·Consistent storyline ·Organized and clear ·Vivid and surprising ·Tone suits audience Good job everyone at #NTVan (audience included).

Cool projects from our community

The YWCA is experimenting with personalized videos and landing pages.
Home – YWCA – InnerCirclePlease take a moment to fill out our survey. What’s your preference? To receive newsletters and updates by email To receive newsletters and updates by regular mail Please stop sending me information about the YWCAWhat interests you?
PeaceGeeks is holding regular salons. Check out their next event.
PeaceGeeks | Connect locally – Empower globallyNational Capital Advisors is a Canadian-based consultancy working on a grant from the Ford Foundation. They work with grassroots non-profit organizations in Indonesia to help these groups get tools they need to document conflict-related issue connected to the use and management of natural resources.
June at CamvY is open to discussing your next nonprofit video project. Give him a shout!
Camvy Company FilmsCamvy Company Films is a concept-to-screen digital production company in Vancouver, Canada owned and operated by Kevin Zhang and June Kim. Over the past year we have worked with companies such as Hiretheworld and Vancouver Olive Oil Company. Our background is uniquely positioned in corporate film, post-production, animation, storyboard design and branding.

The Twitter feed…

#ntvan NetTuesday… @Elijah give his 5 minutesNet Tuesday Meetup
#ntvan and hugs to our lovely enablers HootSuite… love them so much. ow.ly/kOebPNet Tuesday Meetup
#ntvan thanks to out sponsors hivevancouver.com the HiVEeveryone say "Hey big hugs to the HiVE, NetTuesday loves you.Net Tuesday Meetup
#ntvan Mike from the HiVE, gives an intro to the meeting and working space.Net Tuesday Meetup
Checking out #ntvan @HiVEVancouver … Beautiful space for #changemakersAmy Juschka
Great to be attending @NetTuesday at @HiVEVancouver. #ntvan #meetupPeaceGeeks
#ntvan is beginning… tons of new faces it is so good to hear the banter and laughs.Net Tuesday Meetup
Attending #ntvan with Joy of @fundittv for session on video marketing. Cool space.Loa Fridfinnson
@TheHive attending @NetTuesday #ntvan for the 1st time! Awesome networking event & will learn more about video, nonprofit & storytelling.Puspa
@NetTuesday on this gorgeous day learning about the power of short videos. #ntvan big ups to @hivevancouver for hosting this great event.Daniel Dubois
At @Meetup’s @NetTuesday’s event "Using Video to Tell Your Story" for @FundRazr! #NTVanElizabeth George
Helping #NTVan video tonight’s meetup. instagram.com/p/ZCDHXlF0-i/Chimp
#ntvan 3 presenters are lined up and ready…Net Tuesday Meetup
#ntvan Siobhan Aspinall @SiobhanAspinall or linkedin.com/in/siobhanaspi…Net Tuesday Meetup
#ntvan Elijah van der Giessen @elijah netsquared.org/local NetSquared LocalNet Tuesday Meetup
#ntvan Tiva Quinn @TivaWrites onwords.net Onwords ConsultingNet Tuesday Meetup
#ntvan Top 3 non profit videos … queued and playing. the audience sits in raptureNet Tuesday Meetup
#ntvan the worry that if your video is too slick it’ll drive the sponsors away…Net Tuesday Meetup
#ntvan the power of connection to one person… helps the story flow.Net Tuesday Meetup
Video for Nonprofits @NetTuesday presentation @HIVEvancouver & loving it! Thanks #ntvanMusic BC Foundation
#ntvan the brain is now warmed up so on with the tips… Elijah van der Giessen @elijahNet Tuesday Meetup
#ntvan @elijah demo of popcorn.webmaker.org #popcorn @mozillaNet Tuesday Meetup
#ntvan what can you use this for… make this as an ask video teach in and highlight the key points…Net Tuesday Meetup
#ntvan any video that has been popcornised can be remixed…Net Tuesday Meetup
#ntvan now for the magic… @elijah makes it look so easy. pah! he is so talented.Net Tuesday Meetup
#ntvan this video shows the power of bringing links from wikipedia and twitter.Net Tuesday Meetup
#ntvan "Hey I want to add a Twittery section" only @elijah can come up with phrases like this.Net Tuesday Meetup
#ntvan Non-Profits are the target for this… so use it. Thanks @mozilla .Net Tuesday Meetup
#ntvan please welcome Tiva Quinn @TivaWrites onwords.net Onwords ConsultingNet Tuesday Meetup
#ntvan How much animation can I get for $50…Net Tuesday Meetup
Hilarious donor recognition video! "@NetTuesday: #ntvan super gucci… ow.ly/kOfBl"Kimberly Antifaeff
He’ll melt your face with his philanthropy! RT @kantifaeff: Hilarious donor recognition video! ow.ly/kOfBl #ntvanNet Tuesday Meetup
Wow, @Animoto is free for nonprofits? Awesome! #ntvanChad Leaman
#ntvan question from audience "how do you handle copyright?" @animoto has a last music library. or from the audience ow.ly/kOhpXNet Tuesday Meetup
Free and open music library! HT @NetTuesday audience! #ntvan ow.ly/kOhpXChad Leaman
#ntvan sparkol.com/videoscribe.php videoscribe… does have a cost. @sparkol please help us non-profits out.Net Tuesday Meetup
Make a "whiteboard drawing" video with @VideoScribeTV. #ntvan Great way to tell a story.Chad Leaman
#ntvan @sparkol great product simple to use and very impressive @TivaWrites gives it props… so go use it.David Gloyn-Cox
VIDEO: @TivaWrites demonstrates @Animoto and @VideoScribe at #ntvan youtube.com/watch?v=FmcOqR… 2 low cost video solutions.Net Tuesday Meetup
One minute pitches…

#ntvan the HiVE Power Up Mornings ow.ly/kOe7ENet Tuesday Meetup
#ntvan NetTuesday Noos… Video for Non Profits ( 6 month series) … we are looking for volunteers.Net Tuesday Meetup
ow.ly/kOeFQ UnConference #ntvan really you should come….Net Tuesday Meetup
RT @nettuesday: #ntvan #1minpitch PeaceTalks on Monday 13th 6pm at Lost & Found cafe. Fmr head of UN in Darfur. ow.ly/kOjJq…Net Tuesday Meetup
#ntvan #1minpitch YWCA personal videos gatatv.com/ywcaNet Tuesday Meetup
#ntvan #1minpitch lionheartproductions.ca come and seeNet Tuesday Meetup