Social Media Marketing and Analytics for Nonprofits

NetSquared Vancouver
NetSquared Vancouver
Social Media Marketing and Analytics for Nonprofits

Welcome to the February 2020 edition of the NetSquared Vancouver podcast. It’s the first of the year after January was cancelled because of ❄️❄️Snowmageddon 2020.❄️❄️

Engagement? Followers? Likes? We’ve all heard the lingo, and some of us probably even write reports on these social media metrics, but what do they mean, and how can we go beyond Facebook analytics to glean real knowledge? How can we get better data to help us inform our decisions?

This month NetSquared Vancouver’s topic is Social Media marketing and Analytics best practices.

Guest experts Charly Jarret and and Katrina Nguyen of the SPCA share case studies from their work with the SPCA.

They covered everything from remarketing and look-alike audiences; to why Facebook penalized you for external links. And they share the eight types of value exchange that you can offer your members in exchange for their contact information.

They key insights for me were that:

  • We shouldn’t fight the platforms — feed them content that is a fit for the platforms and audience expectations, but that the goal should always be to build relationships with your members OUTSIDE the walled gardens of the platforms.
  • Ignore the vanity metrics of Likes and Views. In fact, Charly and Katrina didn’t show ONE facebook or twitter-provided analytics dashboard during the whole hour. All the valuable measurements are happening in Google Analytics, where they have set goals on donations, email sign-ups, and other measurables that deliver value to their organization.

As always the slides are available.

This event was produced by co-organizer Ashleigh Turner!!

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