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Eli strives to be a connector – the interstitial tissue that holds the muscle of a community together. He’s been a volunteer manager, an event organizer and a digital campaigner. Basically he’ll take any gig that allows him to enable a group of passionate people to create things they love. Currently he’s the NetSquared Community Manager supporting a global volunteer network of 50 monthly meetups for the nonprofit technology sector. Together they hold over 450 events per year.

Slides and Video: Social Media Analytics for Nonprofits

In the February 2020 Net2van meetup guest experts Charly Jarret and and Katrina Nguyen of the SPCA share case studies from their work with the SPCA.

Engagement? Followers? Likes? We’ve all heard the lingo, and some of us probably even write reports on these social media metrics, but what do they mean, and how can we go beyond Facebook analytics to glean real knowledge? How can we get better data to help us inform our decisions? Watch the video to learn (or subscribe to the podcast if audio is more your thing.)



There’s two options — webinar-style with a focus on the slides or livestream-style with a view of the presenters.

Livestream recording!

Key Resources

Lovely Tweets

Start here!


A HUGE thanks to our amazing community partners and sponsors. Give them love! Spend 💵with them!

#CMXvan — Community Manager's Toolkit Demos

January’s CMXvan meetup was a fast-paced evening of demos and Ignite-style mini-presentations on the tools, services, and techniques Community Managers use to create more impact.What are the indispensable pieces of software in a Community Manager’s toolkit? What are our secret weapons to allow us to work productively?

Community Manager’s Toolkit Demos

NOTE: this is gonna be Mac-centric, but there’s equivalents for all of this on the PC. 


Sophie Bujold uses Miro to create instantly shareable videos for tutorials, stewardship, and relationship building.


Sophie Bujold’s key key of software for working remotely with her clients is Miro. Scalable, secure, cross-device and enterprise-ready team collaboration whiteboard for distributed teams. 

Google Forms and Form Ranger

Dylan Morgan demonstrated Google Forms and Form Ranger.

Form Ranger allows you to auto-populate the choices in list, multiple choice, checkbox or grid question options from columns of data in any Google Sheet or Doctopus roster.

Then Eli did a string of demos…


Putting An End To Repetitive Typing


Creating screencasts for member support and training


Copy and Paste board…. keep your last 100 items in your cut and paste board.

The Noun Project

Icons for every topic.

  • Site
  • Free, but with attribution and only in B&W
  • Or the paid version at $40/year


You have one thousand passwords. You need help!


The Un-CRM that makes sure you never forget anything.

  • Many of the features are getting added to gmail, like “nudge” and “send later”. But the “nudge” can’t be set or controlled. It’s all magic algorithm.
  • But you can set it to resurface emails that have not received replies.
  • Free for 10 scheduled emails, then $60/year


Easily turn plain text into HTML (or whatever other formats you need)

Apple Text Services

Text cleanup and transformations built into the OS.

  • Highlight text and then get: Statistics , Title Case , ALL CAPS, and more.
  • Set your own keyboard shortcuts: System Preference -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts
  • Additional options: WordService set

#Tech4Good Tips and Trends From THE EVENT THAT NEVER WAS (Because Snowmadgeddon 2020 Cancelled It)


Tamara Rahmani: Donations of Securities and Mutual Funds Simplified

Capital gains? Gifts in kind? Confused about the rules for donating securities and mutual funds to Canadian charities? Me too, which is why we invited Tamara Rahmani of CanadaHelps to present.

Mel Bilko: AI and Machine Learning

Keela’s Mel Bilko kindly shared a video recording of the session she would have presented: “AI & Machine Learning”.

Jessica Evans: How to Write Emails That Get Read (On MOBILE!)

Unable to make the NetSquared meetup event in Vancouver, BC due to a snowstorm, here’s Jessica Evans’s presentation, shot in one take, to keep it fair to other presenters!

Hopefully that will tide you over until the next Net2van meetup. ?

Video: Making #GivingTuesday Work For Your Nonprofit

Giving Tuesday is December 3, and it’s a tactic many organizations use to help increase year-end donations. But how can you make it work for your nonprofit?

NetSquared Vancouver’s November 5 meetup featured a panel discussion where nonprofit leaders shared stories and tools on why and how your organizations can get involved with the “opening day of the giving season.”


  • Elizabeth Moffat | Associate Director, Marketing & Communications at VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation
  • Rekha Pavanantharajah | Director of Engagement & Development, ArtStarts in Schools
  • Chris Brandt | Founder, Charity Agency

MODERATOR: Amanda Burrows | Philanthropy Aide

Amanda’s Best Practices for #GivingTuesday

Need #GivingTuesday Help?

Schedule a 30 minute Giving Tuesday session with event moderator Amanda Burrows. Email [email protected]

EventChain Offers Free Ticketing Service for Your #GivingTuesday Events

Charity Agency works with local ticketing company EventChain, who are supporting Giving Tuesday this year by waiving all fees for nonprofit events during the first week of December. Keep every penny from your Giving Tuesday event by visiting and clicking Create Event. Where it asks for a promo code, enter GivingTuesday2019.


A HUGE thanks to our amazing community partners and sponsors. Give them love! Spend 💵with them!

Slides: Learning Management Systems for Nonprofits

Leah Chang led NetSquared Vancouver’s July 9 meetup, teaching attendees about Learning Management Systems.

When is a Learning Management System Right for Non-Profits?

Tuesday, Jul 9, 2019, 6:00 PM

Hive Vancouver
#210 – 128 W Hastings St Vancouver, BC

33 Members Went

A Learning Management System (LMS) might be just the tool your organization needs to deliver your education or program content—or maybe not. Investing in an LMS is a big decision that requires ongoing resources to successfully implement and maintain. There are some key questions to ask before acquiring an LMS and best practices to follow when movin…

Check out this Meetup →


Just the Highlights – The Digital Nonprofit 2019 Report

We can’t believe another year has come and passed! We’re so incredibly thankful to all of our sponsors, presenters, and volunteers – we absolutely couldn’t have done it without you.

With over 250 dedicated nonprofit professionals attending it was our biggest event yet, and we can’t help but look back on this conference with a huge smile (and not just because of the waffles and ice cream! But come on, they were pretty amazing, right?).

We’re humbled by the feedback and gratitude we received, and we wanted to take a few moments to share some of it with you as well. Here are a few highlights from the event, the numbers, the pictures, and the quotes that keep us inspired to do it again, bigger and better next year.

Charts: attendees by work area and role of attendees

With a wide variety of work area types from attendees, we think we really hit our stride with a variety of presentations and topics discussed this year. There was something for everyone, and we hope we can outdo ourselves next year.

I love these people and organizations!


We are grateful to our community partners for their support. Give them your love and spend money with them!

Just a Few of Our Favourite Additions to #DNP2019

  • The Workbook – Beautifully designed and integrated to the day, attendees couldn’t help themselves from taking pictures of it, sharing it on social media, and using it to take home insights and notes.
  • The Ice Cream Bar – It was a huge hit, if you missed it, you really missed out. Maybe next year we will save some of those waffles to add as toppings ?
  • The New Branding – Our snappy new look has us fired up to keep going, taking this community and this annual conference even further.

What People Told Us Afterward

“Thank you, I very much enjoyed the event! Will be back next year with more staff!”

A loyal fan with a team

“You guys rock. Thanks for bringing us together, like a big nerdy non-profit family.”

A nerdy survey respondent

“Really fun event, stellar presenters, snacks, love the food trucks and treats, a nice positive 2 days! Great work!”

Attendee that went to BOTH days

“I would 100% recommend that people from all sectors come to this conference because the agenda is so well rounded and has amazing  food – seriously, this is probably the best food I’ve ever had at a conference!”

A hungry friend of the event

“Nonprofits need to be strategic with technology to make more impact – and attending the The Digital Nonprofit is how I discover emerging best practices from my peers.”

A life-long learner

“I would 100% recommend that people from all sectors come to this conference because the agenda is so well rounded and has amazing  food – seriously, this is probably the best food I’ve ever had at a conference!”


A friend of The Digital Nonprofit

And now it’s time for you to shine, here are some links to the photo gallery and videos from the conference. Unfortunately our photoshop budget is used up this year, so we might not have been able to fix all the funny faces you made.

Event Photos

See the whole photo gallery.

Videos and Slides

Watch the other videos from the conference (slides included!)

Tweets from the Day

Mentions in the Media

Business in Vancouver podcast, June 7 2019.
Conference producer Elijah van der Giessen talked with BIV about Vancouver’s Tech4Good sector.

See You Next Year!

And that’s a wrap! It was a blast and we hope you got as much out of it as we did – learning, new friends, and a good time.

If you’d like to join us as a sponsor or presenter again next year, please do let us know, and we will be sure to reach out with details.

Until next year, keep rocking the sector and doing the important work you do. And if you just can’t wait, come hang out at the monthly Vancouver meetups from NetSquared.

Thanks again for your support,

Eli and The Digital Nonprofit Team

Slides and Video: The Digital Nonprofit 2019 Conference Report

Thanks for being a part of our fifth The Digital Nonprofit conference! Our speakers have kindly permitted us to share their slides and session videos so that you can relive the Tech4Good goodness.

How Design Thinking Can Lead to the More Effective Use of Technology for Social Impact with Michael Johnston

The leadership that Digital Demands with Shoni Field and Ryann Miller

Social Media from the Top with Chris Brandt

3 Keys to Rocking Your Next Integrated Campaign with Kimberly Shearon

The Happy Healthy Nonprofit with Beth Kanter

⚡️⚡️⚡️ LIGHTNING TALKS!!! ⚡️⚡️⚡️

5 Ways to Boost Email Engagement Through Personalization with Megan McCaffery

How to Regularly – and Without a Lot of Extra Effort – Find, Capture and Share Good Stories About Your Organization with Nicole Jones

Why Embark on a Technology Project with Jack Mercer

Small Data for Big Change with Sarah Schulman

Website Best Practices: How to Effectively Engage Your Online Visitors with Tamara Rahmani

The Agile Approach To Creating Better Audience Engagement with Mack Hardy

Best Practices for Collecting Member Feedback with Kathryn Svobodny


We are grateful to our community partners for their support. Give them your love and spend money with them!

July 8: The Connected Nonprofit – How to prepare for the Next Generation of Giving

hjc is hosting a FREE event for fundraisers in Vancouver on July 8.


FIRST SESSION: Precision Fundraising How Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning can help you prepare for the Next Generation of Giving

SECOND SESSION: Omni-channel Fundraising: How the next generation of giving organizations need to use as many channels as possible and leverage technology to help make it happen!

THIRD SESSION: Design Thinking and Personas: How next generation of giving organizations need to leverage persona development and design thinking to guide their next generation of giving

Handouts – Beth Kanter’s Nonprofit Digital Marketing Strategy Workshop

Handouts from Beth Kanter’s Nonprofit Digital marketing Strategy workshop at The Digital Nonprofit. This workshop was made possible through the special support of our friends at Harvey McKinnon Associates.




Photos from the workshop, including group photo and worksheets.


Digital Strategy Links

Social Media Trends and Research for 2019

Care2 Digital Outlook Strategy

Social Media Research Studies

The Bots Are Here: Nonprofits in the Age of Automation


Nonprofit Guide for Personas

How To Use Personas

Best Practices to Develop Donor Personas

How To Create Personas

Empathy Maps

How To Use Empathy Maps To Make Your Messaging Relevant to Donors

What is An Empathy Map?

Agile Coaching Tip: What Is an Empathy Map?


Fox Valley Humane Association: Example

Nonprofit Storytelling Best Practices

Transmedia Storytelling

Social Media Strategy

Social Media Plan

Social Media Audit


10 Steps to Improve Your Nonprofit’s Content Calendar

Repurpose Your Content

Content Creation Process

Writing Good Headlines

Visual Content Tools

Visual Content Marketing: A Resource Guide for Marketers

Social Media Optimization

How To Craft the Perfect Social Media Post

Facebook Video

Facebook Video for Marketers: Strategy for Future Success
Guest Post: Facebook Video Tips from Non-Profit Marketers

Facebook Live

35 Facebook Live Ideas to Show the Impact of Your Nonprofit
Facebook Live for Nonprofits: 12 Tips for Getting Started [INFOGRAPHIC]

Facebook Messenger Bots

Creative Ways To Share Your Content


Best Times to Post on Social Media Channels


Twitter Chats

Social Media Management


Leading on Social Media for Staff/Board

How Your CEO Can Use Social for Thought Leadership

Influencer Strategy

Message Amplification


Social Media Metrics and Measurement


We are grateful to our community partners for their support. Give them your love and spend money with them!