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The Future of Fundraising Events

In this session, we’ll unpack what modern charities are doing with their fundraising events to move forward into the “new normal.”

Rebecca Alfred (from Trellis.org) shares new ideas based on over 200 virtual, hybrid, and in-person events to increase fundraising potential and donor engagement, and discusses what it takes to be an organization that is leading the way with online fundraising.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to plan successful fundraising events in 2022 and beyond
  • How to enhance donor engagement with your fundraising events
  • How to implement a winning annual fundraising strategy for your organization

Watch the webinar on the future of fundraising events:

3 Reasons you should watch this video on the future of fundraising:

  1. 64% of nonprofits did not meet their 2020 fundraising goals
  2. 92% of those surveyed think virtual events are worth keeping
  3. 76% of donors expect to attend at least one virtual event in 2022

The Benefits of Virtual Events

  1. Cost and time savings to organizations and donors
  2. Donors can attend from the comfort of their homes
  3. Increased geographical reach
  4. Ease of execution and less manpower (volunteers/staff) required
  5. Increased fundraising elements (online raffles, silent auctions, online donations and ticket sales, etc)

The Benefits of In-Person Events

  1. Better engagement with attendees
  2. Connecting face-to-face with donors
  3. Networking opportunities

The Future: Hybrid Events

Hybrid events are the future because they allow organizations to get the best of both world.

Here are some examples of hybrid fundraising events and their benefits:

In-person with virtual fundraising options

  • Silent auction and/or raffle tickets available online ahead of time
  • Online ticket purchasing and donating
  • Combining the convenience of online platforms with the engagement of in-person events

In-person with a small livestream audience

  • Increased geographical reach
  • Ease of participation leading up to the event through online ticket purchases, donations, raffles, auctions, etc
  • In-person engagement and connection
  • Appeal to a wider donor base
  • Can be made more affordable for live stream audience through reduced ticket prices

Virtual event with a VIP in-person audience

  • Increased geographical reach
  • Appeal to a wider donor base
  • Great donor experience for both in-person VIP attendees and live stream viewers
  • More affordable for the virtual audience through non-VIP ticket option
  • Connection and networking opportunities for in-person guests

Key Takeaways for Success:

  1. Create a seamless donor experience
  2. Give donors both virtual and in-person options
  3. Add additional online fundraising elements to your existing fundraising strategy

Additional resources and notes from the presenter:

Download the Future of Fundraising Report: http://bit.ly/trellis_report

Fundraising Resources from Trellis: https://trellis.org/guides/ 

About Trellis

Trellis is an all-in-one fundraising platform. They help foundations, charities, and nonprofits with their virtual and in-person fundraising.

About the Presenter: Rebecca Alfred

Rebecca is part of the team at Trellis Social Enterprise Inc, supporting charitable organizations, hospital foundations, non-profits, and other organizations to find new online approaches to raising funds for the causes they care about. Coming from a diverse background including tech companies, marketing agencies, and accounting firms, she’s now settled in the social sector. Since starting at Trellis, Rebecca has supported hundreds of organizations as they run fundraisers with specialized expertise in signature fundraising events, and donor experience for virtual and hybrid fundraisers. Beyond working at Trellis, Rebecca has also worked in research for non-profit sustainability and developed social programs to meet complex challenges.

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