Yasmine Abu-Ayyash – How to Create a Tech Plan for Your Nonprofit and Win Over Your Board

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How to Create a Tech Plan for Your Nonprofit and Win Over Your Board

Does your nonprofit need major upgrades in tech? Where do you start and how do you get your tech infrastructure up to date on the tight timeline and budget? This presentation will show you the steps you can take to develop a tech plan for your nonprofit, so that your nonprofit can better identify its organizational needs, make the most of the tech already available, and plan for future tech investments.

We’ll show you how with the right tech plan, you can make effective use of tech to impact your nonprofit’s mission and increase transparency in your achieving your strategic goals. Best of all, we’ll share tips on how to get your board on board with investing in your tech pan.

In this presentation, you’ll learn:

  • About the tech planning process and pick up tips for getting started at your nonprofit.
  • How to align your nonprofit’s tech plan with your wider strategic plan and/or strategic goals.
  • About the various practical items to include in your plan, such as a budget or staff training or the high level basics to conducting an IT assessment.
  • How to advocate and get ‘buy-in’ from your board and leadership to invest staff, time, and money in your tech plan


  • Learn about the big return on investment that happens when your organization prioritizes well-being in the workplace
  • Understand the influence and role that leadership, employee engagement, and organizational culture play in implementing initiatives to encourage employee wellbeing
  • Learn about simple and examples to activate a culture of wellbeing in your organization’s workplace that truly has impact

Yasmine Abu-Ayyash, TechSoup Canada

Yasmine is responsible for crafting resources and materials that support nonprofits in using tech to more effectively pursue their missions. She has worked extensively in strategic communications and digital learning with nonprofits, making sure that knowledge tools and resources are always user-friendly and accessible. Yasmine also has expertise in the issue area of gender equity and has worked on gender mainstreaming in research and policy. When she’s not hosting TechSoup Canada’s monthly webinars, Yasmine’s probably cooking and whipping up a soup recipe for our ‘By The Cup’ newsletter.


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