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Social Media from the Top

Should EDs & CEOs be posting on social media?

Chris Brandt, former ED of Music Heals, shares best practices for stewarding relationships and raising money with social media.

Social Media isn’t just your first point of contact with current and prospective donors, volunteers, and the media – it’s often the only one. The risk of not talking is that no one knows that you exist. How would you evaluate your organizations presence on social media? Are you involved in the conversation, either through the org’s channels or your own? You can’t be seen until you learn how to see.

Chris Brandt

Chris Brandt is the founder of Charity Agency, which helps businesses increase their charitable impact and helps charities improve their business. His background includes over 20 years in the music industry and 6 years as a nonprofit Executive Director, where he built a foundation from conception to directing over $1m in program funding in under 5 years. Chris is also the creator & instructor of the Music Business program at BCIT, which highlights the same marketing, promotional and entrepreneurial skills that are unique when applied within the nonprofit world. Chris can be found on Twitter & Instagram at @Traveldiaries & @CharityAgency.


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