The Multi-Screen World

Join us on May 9, 2014 for The Digital Nonprofit. Leaders from the nonprofit and technology sectors will show you how to move beyond reactive tactics to thoughtful strategy.

The Multi-Screen World

With Monique Sherrett.

More than 60 per cent of North Americans own smartphones. Add desktop computers, tablets and laptops to the mix and there are more Internet-connected devices on the continent than there are people.

Get a tour of future-friendly best practices, tips and tricks for successfully running communications and social media channels in a multi-screen world.

From mobile web design trends to key lessons for writing for a small screen, you’ll come away with communication strategies that work in the age of mobile.f

Speaker Bio

Monique Sherrett (@somisguided) has a passion for all things digital, in particular how mobile is affecting marketing communications. She began her career as the web marketing manager at Raincoast Books, where she spearheaded the online marketing strategies for various Harry Potter campaigns, as well as launched Raincoast’s podcast series and blog in 2005. She founded Boxcar Marketing (@boxcarmarketing) in 2007 and has continued to help organizations drive traffic to their sites, analyze the impact that traffic has on the bottom line, and craft actionable meaning from reams of data. Her 1-minute marketing tips can be found at and her online marketing advice is available at

Monique Sherrett for Net2van

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