The Secret Social (Media) Lives of Successful Non-Profits

Join us on May 9, 2014 for The Digital Nonprofit. Leaders from the nonprofit and technology sectors will show you how to move beyond reactive tactics to thoughtful strategy.

The Secret Social (Media) Lives of Successful Non-Profits

Producing interesting relevant content that sparks sharing and dialogue, painting a story of your cause with every mention, identifying and connecting with supporters, all the while proving validity through measurement…Building an actionable plan is as much a vital step as actually executing it. In this workshop, we’ll discuss what makes a social media strategy strong at the core, and how to keep it fresh, interesting and engaging for your community.


Crystal Henrickson (@marketing_girl)

After leading the city expansion of Yelp Canada and laying the foundation for the community at Chimp, the Charitable Impact Foundation, I now spend my days at the helm of Community and Culture for Invoke Labs (@InvokeLabs). Helping our resident tech startups as well as socially-savvy businesses and non-profits build, grow and nurture their own communities while training and mentoring community managers is where I find my joy. When not collaborating, I’m likely cooking, cocktailing and crafting.
Crystal Henrickson Headshot Square for Net2van


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