How to Choose a Content Management System for Your New Website

How to Choose a Content Management System for Your New Website

Your website says everything about your organization.  It establishes credibility, explains what you do and may even be a tool for income generation.  But how much time can you devote to tweaking, updating and fixing?  Choosing the right content management system for your website can save you tons of time and effort – and can give your organization a fantastic spring clean.

In this session, we’ll review some of the top website platforms to consider when picking a new content management system for your organization. In particular, we’ll review WordPress, Square, and Wix. We’ll cover what each platform offers, their strengths and their weaknesses. At the end of the session, you’ll have a understanding of the key questions you should ask your organization before making a final decision.

Suggested donation: $5.

• 5:30-6:00: Doors open. schmoozing and snacks
• 6:00-6:05: NetSquared welcome
• 6:05-7:05: Presentation by Scott Towne with Q&A
• 7:05-7:30: Mingling, talking about next steps

About Scott Towne

Scott Towne founded Fairfield Media Co. in 2012 with the goal of creating a digital design firm that builds exceptional websites and social media strategies, all with a friendly, personal touch. After producing and designing blockbuster video games for more than a decade, Scott now uses his technical expertise and project management skills to empower small businesses and non-profits to tell their story online.

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