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Session Proposal: Copywriting basics for writers & non-writers

Vanessa Chase will be pitching a discussion on the essential elements of copywriting.

Ever thought about how the language used in your communications and fundraising materials is affecting your success? Does your audience really “get” the work your non-profit is doing?
If writing seems like a mystery to you, fear not! We’ll explore the best tactics from writing in print and digital, methods for understanding your target audience and workshop your ideas.

NetSquared Camp will be held Saturday, June 1. RSVP now!

Last Chance for Early Bird Tickets to NetSquared Camp

There is just one more day left to get a NetSquared Camp ticket at the early bird price.
If you buy on Tuesday tickets are a cheap $25. On May 1 the price increases to a (slightly less cheap) $30.

Be thrifty! Get your ticket today!


Hi there!

As though our monthly Net Tuesday meetups aren’t awesome enough, we’re organizing a full day unconference.

Join us on Saturday, June 1, 2013 for NetSquared Camp 2013!
We’ll be jamming at The HiVE from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm.

Tickets are available now.

If you’ve been looking for a place to collaborate with and learn from other non-profits, web innovators and social change makers, then THIS is the place for you! You’ll come away with insightful conversations, explorations, stories, and new relationships that will take your work to the next level.

Best of all, the content and structure of the unconference is decided by you!

To purchase a ticket, or find out more information check out our Eventbrite page.

Questions? Give Eli a shout at [email protected] or tweet me at @elijah


NetSquared Camp 2013

RSVP on eventbrite

When: Saturday, June 1. 9:30 AM – 4:00 PM
Where: HiVE Vancouver, 210 – 128 W Hastings St.

What is NetSquared Camp?

NetSquared Camp is a daylong unconference put on by the friendly folks that host the monthly Net Tuesday meetups in Vancouver.  Net Tuesday brings together web innovators with social change makers and nonprofits to swap stories, mix ideas, and build new relationships. We aim to empower non-profits with emerging tools, trends, and best practices, enabling them to fulfill their mission statements in new and innovative ways.

This is the third annual conference. The first two NetSquared Camps sold out quickly, so be sure to register early.

Who should come?

  • Non-profit people: learn more about utilizing technology to further your cause.
  • Web designers and developers: share your best practices and find organizations that need your help.
  • Marketing people: assist non-profits in building strategic connections between their causes and their audiences.


This is an unconference, so you decide what want you want to discuss, share, explore, and learn.  Topics that Net Tuesday has covered over the last year include:

  • Digital storytelling
  • Tablets, smartphones, iPads, iPhones: gadgets for good?
  • Visualizing data using maps and other tools
  • A/B testing
  • Crowdfunding
  • IT project management
  • The science of Facebook pages

When, Where, and How Much?

NetSquared Camp 2013 will be held at The HiVE in downtown Vancouver, on Saturday, June 1, 2013.  Early bird tickets cost $25; regular tickets are $30.  Register now on Eventbrite!



Home to artists, designers, small social enterprises, mid-size NGOs, green businesses, IT experts, self employed, start ups, independent contractors… the HiVE is a shared workspace with a dynamic cafe-like studio culture. They facilitate creativity, collaboration and social innovation!

Somebody learned something at NetSquared Camp!

David Suzuki Foundation Healthy Oceans campaigner Jodi Stark attended NetSquared Camp last weekend. And she learned something! Yay! So these unconferences are worth doing. ?

Jodi’s story

Last weekend I went to Eli’s NetSquared Camp where I learned that an image coupled with some text is BY FAR the most liked, shared and commented on item you can post on Facebook.
Daren Barefoot and Theo Lamb from Capulet Communications presented some very recent (and still unpublished) research that looked at the posts of 25 top NGOs (including the David Suzuki Foundation) and analyzed what type of materials got the most traction.

A compelling image or infographic topped the list. It received significantly more likes, shares and comments than any other post, including video.

So, in the spirit of learning and experimenting, I decided last week to test this out and created this image on Facebook.

And guess what? It worked! We posted this on Saturday and in short order, we got:


(The DSF page was also liked by 1000 more people this weekend. We can’t attribute this to the image, but we do know that with 1000 shares, we got huge exposure to lots of new Facebook friends).

We also got:

  • 3050 visits to the blog from Facebook (4500 total visit)
  • 560 people who followed up and signed our action

As predicted, this is significantly higher than most of DSF’s FB posts. This blog received almost double the amount of views than any other healthy oceans blog in the last year, and that doesn’t include the number of eye balls who saw the image on FB but didn’t link to the blog).

The post is currently #2 (out of 158) post for ‘engaged users’ for 2012 (i.e. # of unique people who have clicked anywhere on the post).
The post is currently #5 (out of 158) for ‘most talked about’ (i.e. # of unique people liking, commenting or sharing the post).

The best part is – it’s fun and easy to do! Laura Lefurgey-Smith, our intern, did a great job with the image and was great to work with.

So, I encourage all of you in your work to think about an interesting, intriguing, odd or otherwise catchy image and some very short text to go with it. I think it’s a powerful entry point to our work.

NetSquared Camp 2012 – The Story

The Net Tuesday Vancouver team got bored.
To keep from getting into trouble with the cops we’ve had to find ourselves a hobby.

After examining our options (rollerblading! stamp collecting! cricket!) we decided that our new hobby should be hosting unconferences, because what’s more fun than gathering 75 of our best friends together to chat about how we can use this new-fangled internet thing to do good in the world?

And so NetSquared Camp 2012 was born!

This fancy Storify collection is a summary of the day…

NetSquared Camp 2012

Vancouver, BCApril 18, 2012 at The HiVE

Storified by Elijah van der Giessen · Sun, Apr 29 2012 19:24:32

Gordon Ruby collected this bang-up set of notes from the unconference’s main room. Check them out!


Big thanks to Darren Barefoot for leading the assembly of the schedule.
NetSquared Camp begins in 5…4…3…2…1… 70 of YVR’s keenest nonprofit technology folk are jamming for awesome. #n2campNet Tuesday Meetup
.@elijah welcomes everyone! #n2camp (KC) Claveria
We are live @NetTuesdayYVR #n2camp! Leaman
I am at an unconference. Suddenly, there is danger we may have to "pitch" a schedule idea. #n2camp #coffeeHugh Stimson
Hugh stepped up for the challenge! ?
Getting caffeine’s up, a lot of interesting topics today, gonna be a good day. #n2campNaoya Makino
Looking forward to my first #unconference. Lots of interesting and thought-provoking topics lined up! #n2campangela


Stories & Communities 

10:00 am – 10:50 pm with Chris Mathieson

“We are wired for stories but we have lost the ability to tell a good story… “
A photo @dbarefoot took of my #n2camp audience. Sure hope I was more entertaining than this photo makes it seem! Mathieson
Conflict is the core of any good story. #n2campTerry Coatta
@cogno – relationships always happen from shared experience #n2campDerek Weiss
People may not remember facts, but they will remember stories. We’re wired to remember stories. #n2campNet Tuesday Meetup
Stories: If you start with an established narrative, you only have to describe the moments that deviate from it. #n2campHugh Stimson
Speaking to our core values in stories is what activates empathy and motivates the audience to action. #n2camp #storytellingJodi Stark
"Get out of your own head and get into the mind of who you’re trying to reach." #storytelling #n2campangela
Don’t assume that your audience is similar to you. Analogies help people grasp complex stories. #n2campNet Tuesday Meetup
People’s favourite storytelling tools: Podcasts, Storify, Google Fusion (not available anymore), Prezi, UStream. #n2campNet Tuesday Meetup
Storify – Create stories using social mediaCreate stories using social media. Turn what people post on social media into compelling stories. Collect the best photos, video, tweets …
Prezi – The Zooming Presentation EditorVisualize your ideas. Pan Left, Move Right, Zoom-in on a detail, or Zoom-out to show the big picture. Insert images, videos, YouTube vide…
USTREAM, You’re On. Free LIVE VIDEO Streaming, Online Broadcasts. Create webcasts, live stream videos on the Internet. Live streaming videos, TV showsBroadcast video LIVE to the world from a computer, mobile or iPhone in minutes, or watch thousands of shows from News to Entertainment to…
#n2camp Story-Telling Book Recommendation: Made to Stick a Hike Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others …Unabashedly inspired by Malcolm Gladwell's bestselling The Tipping Point, the brothers Heath—Chip a professor at Stanford's bus…
#n2camp Storytellers, there is a free open class for this with alotta edupunks: HT @jimgroomChad Leaman
Digital Storytelling | We jam econoI listened to UMWdowner and Bonnaroo radio. I liked the UMWdowner show because originally my group had a thought to interview people abou…
Secret structure of great talks #n2campJodi Stark
Nancy Duarte talks at TEDx Eastduartedesign
Thanks to everyone that came to, and participated in, my #storytelling session at #n2camp this morning! I *love* talking about this stuff.Chris Mathieson
Great dialogue on how we should humanize our organizations thru #socmed + storytelling. Thx @theolamb for sharing your story ? #n2campAjay Masala Puri

Large Vendors

10:00 am – 10:50 pm
Tech literacy is the new basic literacy. #N2campVanessa Chase
We need technological literacy at all levels of an org, starting at ED #n2camp great discussion on working with vendorsAmy Severson
tech literacy is a must for the growth & sustainability of non-profit orgs #n2campEmira Mears
Awesome first session at #n2camp on large vendors!Katia Tynan
#n2camp – awesome discussion on working with big vendors! Cheers! :)Chris Yakimov
Great discussion about online fundraising vendors at #n2camp today. 1 upshot: NP’s need to collaborate & lobby vendors to improveEmira Mears
Blackbaud Fundraising Software: Nonprofit Accounting Software & Nonprofit Management SystemNonprofit Software & Nonprofit Accounting Management: Blackbaud provides fundraising software, fund accounting software, school administr…
Nonprofit Constituent Engagement Solutions | ConvioConvio Fundraising Software for NonProfits – Online Fundraising, Donor Management & Database, Email Marketing – Salesforce NonProfit & Bl…


Online Engagement 

11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Talking online engagement IRL w/ Terry PIC #n2campAjay Masala Puri
What is "engagement"? It’s different for each organization. Clearly define this. #n2campNet Tuesday Meetup
"We’re hungry for connection in Vancouver. We don’t even stop by at each other’s houses." – @cogno #n2camp #makesocialmediasocialMargarete
The number of people that you can truly interact w/ in a human level is limited. This "rule" applies to online platforms also. #n2campNet Tuesday Meetup
Yes!! Online engagement "measuring" includes -types- of interactions (ie meaningful!) #n2campAmy Severson
Be a trusted, reliable source of information to engage your audience. #n2campKate Salm
How do we humanize the work we do? Do what we do for generations, talk + connect. Oh ya also try to Read humanize. Thx Terry #n2campAjay Masala Puri
Humanize: How People-Centric Organizations Succeed in a Social World"Humanize offers practical content and insightful thinking that will help businesses make the deep changes needed to thrive in today’s so…
Confidentiality and online engagement: how does your NPO handle this? #n2campKatia Tynan
Important question being asked in session 2 at #n2camp: how do you bring back info from your audience? #onlineengagementKatia Tynan
The best online communities are those that are sustained by the contributions of its members – not the host/npo. #n2campKate Salm
To ponder: is having a heated or controversial topic serving the community (beyond # of comments)? #n2camp I don’t know…Amy Severson
Online engagement is less rules and more authenticity and respect #n2camp also: it takes yearsAmy Severson
The deepest level of engagement is when you have members of your community interacting offline. #n2camp #onlineengagementangela
@theolamb Thanks for sharing at the online engagement session today. It was great to hear about the different things you are doing. #n2campTerry Coatta

Effect Change together

11:00 am – 12:00 pm
People who desire change are over comitted. How can we bring more into the fold?#n2campVanessa Chase

Multi-Channel Fundraising 

11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Testing is key when deciding mail and email approaches #n2camp #net2campRina Liddle
Ask if your donor would like to be recognized, and how they would like to be contacted. #n2campRina Liddle


The sessions move ahead, but it’s getting close to lunch time at #n2camp Lee Silver
#n2camp off for lunch soon! Great eats in the neighbourhood: @LaTaqueriaYVR @SAVEONMEATSdine @nubatown @catch122 @acme_cafe @TheCharlesBarThe HiVE – Vancouver
Lunch conversation is even more interesting than the breakout sessions! #n2camp @HiVEVancouverJeff Rotin
Taking a lunch break from #n2camp. Mmm.. Porchetta. Get in mah belly!!! (@ Meat & Bread w/ @angelawong_) [pic]: Salm
Thanks, #n2camp attendees for stopping by today. =D Learning can build up an appetite..La Taqueria
Looks like 80% made it back post lunch #n2camp, pretty good!Chad Leaman


How NGOS Win with Facebook

1:30 pm – 2:30 pm with Darren Barefoot and 
How NGOs win on Facebook!? #n2camp Koga
Bring it. “@NetTuesdayYVR: Are your socks on tight? @dbarefoot + @TheoLamb about to knock them off with their Facebook findings! #n2camp”Kate Salm
.@dbarefoot + @TheoLamb analyzed last 50 Facebook posts by 20 environmental non profits about 1,000 posts. #n2campPete Quily
Most organizations post links, and most links shared are to their website. #n2campKelvin (KC) Claveria
Check out the top 10 Facebook non-profit photos from @dbarefoot and @theolamb’s study here: #n2campNet Tuesday Meetup
Facebook engagement = likes (comments *2.5) = (shares *5) #n2campPete Quily
On avg… For every 1 comment on NPO Facebook page, there are 3 shares & 11 likes. #n2campKate Salm
Collectively the NGOs that @dbarefoot and @TheoLamb looked at averaged almost exactly one post a day. #n2campKelvin (KC) Claveria
18 of 20 most popular facebook posts were photos hardly anyone used Facebook polls #n2campPete Quily
Engagement in your social media probably emulates engagement across your organization #n2campangela
The top facebook statuses shared were short, emotional, and positive #n2campPete Quily
Rift on memes has high level of engagement. #n2campChad Leaman
Try caption this photo to get facebook engagement #n2campPete Quily
Interesting findings, but to quote @jaybaer, average people care about averages. I suggest looking @ YOUR own Facebook Insights! ? #n2campKelvin (KC) Claveria
I think @dbarefoot + @TheoLamb heart data #n2camp PIC Masala Puri
Facebook recommendation #1: You’re probably not publishing enough photos and videos. – @dbarefoot @theolamb #n2campKelvin (KC) Claveria
The highest engagement was on photos and status updates #n2campPete Quily
Looks like photos get the highest level of engagement on Facebook HT @dbarefoot #n2camp Leaman
Facebook recommendation #2: People like simple messages laid over photos. – @dbarefoot @theolamb #n2campKelvin (KC) Claveria
A picture may be worth a 1,000 words but they play well together. Post photos with text on FB to give context & increase share. #n2campKate Salm
People engage with photos a lot – more than double than links to org’s websites! Status updates (w/o link) also get high engagement. #n2campKelvin (KC) Claveria
Facebook recommendation #3: Link more often to sites other than your own. (Share the love.) – @dbarefoot @theolamb #n2campKelvin (KC) Claveria
Talk about other’s work, other things that are relevant. 20% should be yourself, 80% others. #n2campChad Leaman
Use cocktail party rule on Facebook talk about your own organization 20% of the time 80% talk about someone else #n2campPete Quily
Facebook recommendation #4: Ask people to share your content sparingly. – @dbarefoot @theolamb #n2campKelvin (KC) Claveria
Frequency of posts does not equal engagement. Once a day is wise. #n2campChad Leaman
the orgs that had the most engagement posted once a day. Posting too often reduces engagement #n2campPete Quily
Facebook recommendation #5: Emulate Earthjustice, Surfrider, and Rainforest Action Network. – @dbarefoot @theolamb #n2campKelvin (KC) Claveria
Need content for social media? When in doubt, post an inspirational quote. #n2camp #refreshingchangeKate Salm
This photo by surf rider got the most engagement got 11,000 likes #n2campPete Quily
What goes in the ocean, goes in you! Rise AboveFacebook

Video for Instruction

1:30 pm – 2:30 pm
Takeaway from video discussion: people don’t pay for content they pay for human community surrounding it #n2campAmy Severson

Donation Systems and Forms

1:30 pm – 2:30 pm with Ben Johnston
Giving too many choices is not empowering (on your donation page) #n2campRina Liddle
phrases and faces of the people you are collecting donations for help a lot! #n2campRina Liddle
Donate. | charity: watercharity: water is a non-profit organization bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in developing nations.
Donation calculator on your donation page #n2campRina Liddle
Tax Calculator · Union Gospel MissionThe Canadian income tax system encourages gifts to charitable organizations by granting tax credits. The actual tax credit may vary sligh…
Session 3 at #n2camp on donation systems was illuminating!Katia Tynan


5 tough questions

2:45 pm-3:45 pm
with Chad Leaman facilitating
.@chadleaman is leading the "5 Tough Questions" session @ #n2camp. First question: what’s your fave email marketing software?Net Tuesday Meetup
Most people like MailChimp for email campaigns. Someone also brought up ActiveCampaign. #n2campNet Tuesday Meetup
Email Marketing and Email List Manager | MailChimpFree email marketing service from MailChimp. Design, send, and track HTML email campaigns with our simple tools. Get a fully functional f…
Most people here agree that Constant Contact sucks. Mailchimp FTW! #n2campKelvin (KC) Claveria
#n2camp Five Tough Questions. 2)What website tool and why?Chad Leaman
#n2camp Five Tough Questions. 3) Tool you can’t live without?Chad Leaman
Tools for heat maps: Visual Website Optimizer and Reinvigorate. #n2campNet Tuesday Meetup
ReinvigorateReinvigorate measures your influence on the web in real-time. Gain up-to-the-minute insight into your audience, then adapt to meet their …
A/B Testing Tool | Split Testing and Multivariate Testing Software – Visual Website OptimizerVisual Website Optimizer is an featuring point-and-click test designer and WYSIWYG editor for creating variations. In addition to being d…
What is the one tool your organization can’t live without? 50% of the people here vote for #Facebook. #n2campNet Tuesday Meetup
Tools people can’t live without: Google Alerts, Boxcar. #n2campNet Tuesday Meetup
Google Alerts – Monitor the Web for interesting new contentGoogle Alerts are email updates of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your choice of query or topic.
Instant Notifications for Facebook, Twitter, Email and More! – BoxcarRead Your Messages Where and When You Want Them Add Twitter, Facebook, RSS and more. Read all those messages in one place – whether you’r…
Other fave tools: oDesk, Hootsuite, and DropBox. #n2campNet Tuesday Meetup
Outsource to Freelancers, IT Companies, Programmers, Web Designers from India, Russia, USA, and moreoDesk is a global marketplace that help businesses hire, manage and pay remote freelancers or teams. It’s free to post a job and hire fro…
Dropbox – Simplify your lifeDropbox is a free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. Never email yourself a file a…
HootSuite – Social Media Dashboard for Teams using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedinWith a suite of tools designed to enhance audience engagement — like drafts, bulk scheduling, search streams and message assignments — …
#n2camp Five Tough Questions. 4)What tool do you use to manage project?Chad Leaman
Project management software, online collaboration: BasecampOver 5 million people worldwide have used Basecamp to collaborate on over 4 million projects, track 57 million hours of work, share 46 mi…
TrelloOrganize anything, together. Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards. In one glance, know what’s being wo…
Remember The Milk: Online to-do list and task managementRemember The Milk is the popular to-do list that’s everywhere you are: from your phone, to the web, to your Google apps, and more. Used b…
Really informative & insightful discussion on tools & best practices led by @chadleaman. #n2camp #whatworkswhatdoesntMargarete

Access and Managing Volunteers

2:45 pm-3:45 pm
key for volunteers is to make them feel comfortable if you can’t they won’t be back #n2campPete Quily
One of the most important jobs in volunteer management is introducing them, getting them to know each other #n2campPete Quily
#vpd takes 30 days to do criminal record check. 3rd party company back check is quicker but you have to pay around $28 #n2campPete Quily
Police Records Check & Fingerprinting Service | Vancouver Police DepartmentInformation on the Vancouver Police Department, its services, units & sections, community policing, crime prevention & safety, policing &…
really list out every single quality you want for a volunteer position, use networks that are involved in that space. #n2campPete Quily
Places to find Volunteers Go Volunteer Good Work Canada Idealist #n2campPete Quily
Environmental Jobs. Green Jobs. Renewable Energy Jobs. GoodWork Canada.Green jobs – environmental jobs – sustainable jobs – conservation jobs – nature jobs – climate change jobs – eco jobs – renewable energy …
Go Volunteer – Homeundefined
A paid place to find Volunteers is Charity Village #n2campPete Quily
Charity Village® Home PageCanada’s supersite for the nonprofit sector, with thousands of pages of news, jobs, resources and links.
Consider spending $20 for Facebook ad for a volunteer, ask for very specific skills that’s key, here’s the specific criteria #n2campPete Quily
Advertising | FacebookReach the Right People at the Right Time. I have found [Facebook Ads] SO effective. My business wouldn’t be anywhere close to where it is…
19-21 year olds often volunteer once for work exp but often don’t come back. 30 years plus they’re more likely to come back #n2campPete Quily
Final session at #n2camp on volunteer management was definitely pertinent. Glad I went!Katia Tynan

Are you thinking Mobile?

2:45 pm-3:45 pm
@emiramears Thanks for leading the session on mobile. Lots of interesting ideas. #n2campTerry Coatta

Wrap up

HUGE thanks to all the participants, the volunteers and our hosts at The HIVE
Can’t decide if the personal connections or the information i’m learning is the greatest take away from #n2campVanessa Chase
.@elijah wrapping up today’s #n2camp! @ HIVE Vancouver (KC) Claveria
Just about to wrap up #n2camp, 1st time on the organizer side of the unconference. HT @elijah for making it all happen. #goldstarChad Leaman
So #n2camp has been great. It’s time for this pregnant volunteer to head out. Hope everyone had fun! Lee Silver
Want to continue engaging with #n2camp participants? We have a list for that: @nettuesdayyvr/net-squared-camp-2012Net Tuesday Meetup
Twitter / @NetTuesdayYVR/Net Squared Camp 2012 – Followingundefined

NetSquared Camp 2012 schedule

Here’s the schedule for NetSquared Camp 2012. Now you can plan your day!

9:00 – 9:45 – Welcome and schedule wrangling (coffee and muffins provided)
9:45 – 10:00 – wiggle room!
10:00 – 10:50 – Session #1
10:50 – 11:00 – Break
11:00 – 12:00 – Session #2
12:00 – 1:15 – Lunch (offsite or bring-your-own)
1:15 – 2:15 – Session #3
2:15 – 2:30 – Break
2:30 – 3:30 – Session #4
3:30 – 4:00 – Wrap-up

NetSquared Camp discussion proposals

NetSquared Camp is next Saturday. Yowzers! There are just 15 tickets left, so if you’re able to come please RSVP now.

The event is going to be an unconference, which means the participants (that’s you!) are in charge of the “programming.” But for those who need the illusion of certainty in life here’s a few discussion proposals from the NetSquared Camp community. There’s no guarantee that all of these sessions will emerge on April 28th – they may merge, morph or otherwise be modified. ?

Discussion proposals

The Science of Facebook Pages for NGOs: Darren Barefoot and Theo Lamb

We’ve just completed some research into what actually works in terms of garnering likes, comments and shares on Facebook pages. We analyzed 1000 posts from large environmental NGOs and are keen to report on our findings. Learn who’s doing Facebook well, and what really works to increase engagement.

Video: Amy Severson

Video can be a powerful tool for learning and inspiring. But how do you create, capture, present and talk about it? From what questions you should ask before starting, to the technologies available, what does it mean to the non-profit and to the community?

The Donation Form: talking nuts and bolts: Benjamin Johnson

Who has the best donation form in the biz? What are all the parts of the donation experience and what have emerged as best practices? Are there any themes running throughout the participants in regards to struggles, challenges, tools, etc?

Video Security: Dominic Linder

If anybody else is doing video subscriptions I would love to hear about what they are doing to prevent their videos from being downloaded (more than just having them in a secured login area).

Emotionally Intelligent Fundraising: eliasarjan

How can Emotional Intelligence be activated to improve our abilities to engage donors and generate funds? What are the key elements that lead to successful fundraising campaigns? Why are some people better suited to fundraising and how do we select and motivate them?

We could cover more depending on the time allotted. As for me this is what I teach and do. I’m currently the fundraising consultant and auctioneer for the Vancouver International Fringe Festival and Artstravaganza

Online Engagement: Terry Coatta

Different styles of interaction are needed to engage people online depending on their expectations, needs, and role relative to the organization. The purpose of this session is to explore the different ways that we can engage with people online.

Top five ways to drive traffic to your site: Kris Klaasen

So, you’ve got a great website for your not-for-profit. How do you drive traffic to it so people will donate money, support your causes, sign petitions, attend your events?

NetSquared Camp 2012: April 28 at The HiVE

I’m excited to announce NetSquared Camp 2012, an intimate gathering of Vancouver’s online campaigners. This unconference will be a chance for our community to gather and share our hard-won best practices, war stories, and victories!

The event will be held at The Hive on Saturday, April 28 and admission is $20.

There are just 80 spots available, so please RSVP soon to ensure you get a ticket.

Tickets and more information

Hope to see you there!