Vu Le: The Role Of Data In Equity And Social Justice

DNP_Logo_500x500The theme of this year’s The Digital Nonprofit is “data” and we are SUPER EXCITED to have Seattle’s Vu Le as one of our two keynote speakers. He’ll be talking about the role of data in equity and social justice.

Expect to laugh and cry – Vu is both a noted nonprofit humorist (a real thing!) and the Executive Director of a nonprofit that brings more leaders of color in to the sector.

There are only 100 tickets available, so register today.

The Role Of Data In Equity And Social Justice

Vu Le, Executive Director of Rainier Valley Corps

The nonprofit sector has seen an increased focus on data, metrics, outcomes, etc. Some of this is due to the complex nature of our work and the difficulty of defining success. The focus on data is an attempt to tame the chaos. However, data can be both very helpful, or very detrimental to the work. The narrow definitions of what constitutes good data and outcomes, for example, can leave many marginalized communities behind. We need to understand how and when to use data, who uses it, and how to apply the lens of equity in looking at data.

More About Vu Le

Vu-Le-with-mug-graphic_0Vu Le is the writer behind the blog He is also the humor writer for Blue Avocado. Vu is the Executive Director of an organization in Seattle, Rainier Valley Corps (RVC), which aims to bring more leaders of color in to the nonprofit sector and support existing leaders to work together to effect systemic change. Vu serves as chair of the Southeast Seattle Education Coalition (SESEC), which rallies families, schools, and community together to support students in Southeast Seattle to succeed. He sits on the Executive Committee of the Race to the Top grant for Washington state and the strategic planning committee of United Way of King County. Vu was chair of the Southeast District Council, a neighborhood council that provides information sharing, fosters collaboration among neighbors, and allocates resources for neighborhood-improvement projects. He was also on the City of Seattle’s Families and Education Levy advisory committee, which drafted a plan for a $232M levy for education. He founded World Dance Party, a multicultural dance party that draws 200 to 400 people of all ages and backgrounds. This year Vu was recognized by the Chronicle of Philanthropy as a “Writer with Attitude.”

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