Your Hootsuite Social Media Surgeons

When: Monday, July 21. 6:00 PM Eventbrite - Social Media Surgery for Nonprofits with Hootsuite

Where: Hootsuite Headquarters

Does your nonprofit need help getting its social media strategy to a healthy place? Join NetSquared and Hootsuite for personalized and hands-on assistance with your organization’s social media strategy. It’s one-on-one office hours for all your social media questions!


Hootsuite’s expert social media and marketing coaches will be there to guide you!

Chandra Brun – @cb_devonshire Chandra Brun from Hootsuite

Customer Success Manager

Expertise includes

  • Over all Hootsuite functionality/training
  • Analytics
  • Campaign Management

Name: Carla Cristoffanini – @HootCarla Carla Cristoffanini from Hootsuite

Social Media Coach

Expertise includes

  • Analytics expert: Setting up URL parameters for shortened links, analyzing engagment and analytics best practices
  • Hootsuite apps – using youtube, instagram, iconosquare, tumblr to expand reach
  • Monitoring and search expert

Name: Karolina Nowak – @HootKaro Karolina Nowak from Hootsuite

Social Media Coach

Expertise includes

  • Twitter and Facebook best practices
  • Social Media Strategy Planning
  • Importance of Content Strategy

Ada Juristovski – @adajuri Ada Juristovski from Hootsuite

Social Media Coach Team Lead

Expertise includes

  • Proactive Listening on social media
  • Curating interesting content
  • Collaborating with your team on social!

Name: Rob Feduk – @rfeduk Rob Feduk from Hootsuite

Sr Solution Delivery Manager

Expertise includes

  • Social Strategy (particularly for larger orgs but i’ve worked SME a lot, too)
  • Analytics
  • Content management & security

Kemp Edmonds – @kempedmonds Kemp Edmonds from Hootsuite

Solutions Consultant

Expertise includes

  • Engaging Content and Creating Value for your Target Audience
  • Advocacy Programs
  • Conversion Tracking and Measurement

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