NetSquared Camp 2012 – date conflict?


NetSquared Camp 2012 will be held on April 28.

More information:


I’d like to do another NetSquared Camp/unconference this spring. It’ll be fun and another way to connect the nonprofit community in Vancouver.

The Hive has offered to be our venue. Yay!

They currently have the following three Saturdays free:

I’ve googled those dates and don’t immediately see any conflicting events… but did I miss something?

Please let me know in the comments if any of these dates are at the same time as another event with a similar audience of nonprofits, online technology folks and marketers.

Oh, and my preferred date is March 31 2012.

What is NetSquared Camp?

This video offers a good summary of the last event.

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Eli strives to be a connector – the interstitial tissue that holds the muscle of a community together. He’s been a volunteer manager, an event organizer and a digital campaigner. Basically he’ll take any gig that allows him to enable a group of passionate people to create things they love. Currently he’s the NetSquared Community Manager supporting a global volunteer network of 50 monthly meetups for the nonprofit technology sector. Together they hold over 450 events per year.

4 thoughts on “NetSquared Camp 2012 – date conflict?

  1. Darren

    Permit me to selfishly vote for April 28, as I’ll be back in town for a few days then. I’m happy to help organize remotely, or just help out on the day.

    1. Elijah Post author

      Beverley Pomeroy Sez: AFP National Conference falls on April 1-3rd in Vancouver. Most NGO’s will be attending that in the city, having something on the 31st might be pushing it. Also NTEN begins in SF on the 3rd.

  2. Elijah

    April 28 is the winner!

    NetSquared Camp 2012 will be an intimate gathering of Vancouver’s online campaigners. This unconference will be a chance for our community of practice to gather and share our hard-won best practices, war stories, and victories!

    The event will be held at The Hive on Saturday, April 28 and admission is $20.

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