Vancouver premiere screening of “Article 12: Waking Up in a Surveillance Society”

Net Tuesday has been the sponsor of previous events. This sounds like another great one. I’ recommend that you attend on Thursday, September 15.



Is our Digital Future In Jeopardy?
Check out the Vancouver premiere screening of “Article 12: Waking Up in a Surveillance Society”

As you probably know, the government is about to ram through legislation that will force every phone and Internet provider to surrender our personal information to “authorities” without a warrant. (details of this situation can be found at: Join us in watching this new documentary about the state of invasive and expensive digital surveillance and stick around to talk about the pressing Canadian context with a panel of experts.



*Entry is FREE for monthly donors. If you haven’t joined yet you can do so here:


  • Micheal VonnBC Civil Liberties Association
  • Vincent GogolekExecutive Director, BC Freedom of information and Privacy
  • Kate Milberryfounder of Geeks and Global Justice (
  • Dr. Michael MarkwickSchool of Communication, SFU

*Stop online spying in Canada by signing the petition at

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  • W2 Community Media Arts Society
  • MEDIA Democracy Day Vancouver
  • OpenFile Vancouver
  • The Tyee
  • JUNCO Films
DOXA International Film Fest
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