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Net Tuesday April 5: Tips in Social Media Outreach in Culturally Diverse Communities

Social media has opened up an entirely new way for various ethno-cultural communities to connect and share their experiences that affect them. Through a panel discussion, we’ll hear relevant success stories from social media experts and also explore the commonalities and differences among the various communities using social media. We’ll also look at the way diverse communities consume social media (online vs mobile, for example) and what that means for the future. Come learn and share your experiences with us in this very unique session.

Tentative Schedule
630-7pm – people start coming to event
705-715pm – introductions
715-815pm – panel discussion
8-845pm – open dialogue (unconference format)
845-9pm – networking

Vancouver Public Library

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Date: Tuesday, April 5
Location: Vancouver Public Library downtown branch


Background via @KetyE / Huffington Post

Special thanks to Ajay Puri and the Vancouver Public Library for producing this event with Net Tuesday.