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Crash Report! with Rob Cottingham

Digital transformation is all fun and games… until it isn’t! Rob Cottingham, co-founder of the very first social media agency, shares lessons learned at The Digital Nonprofit conference. 

… or “Sorry for breaking your nonprofit”

Digital transformation sure sounds like fun… the same way bathroom renovations do. Then you start finding black mold and structural damage, and before you know it your place is stripped down to the studs and you’re booking a three-month stay in a Motel 6. Rob kicks off the afternoon with a bracing look at what we’ve let ourselves in for — as well as the surprising upsides of disruption.

* * *

Rob Cottingham is Canada’s leading progressive speechwriter, presentation coach and leadership communications strategist. He’s the cofounder of Social Signal, the world’s oldest social media agency, where he worked closely with a wide range of nonprofits. Rob draws the Noise to Signal cartoon on life, work and business in an online world, and performs as a standup comic wherever there’s a stage and a mic.