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Net Tuesday January 10: Google Analytics on a non-profit website – making sense of your data with segmentation

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Could you do more with Google Analytics? Non-profit website publisher Jeannine Mitchell shows how she got a new perspective on raw data from the Google Analytics module installed on her (Drupal CMS) website after local web analytics expert Behdad showed her how to create custom measurements known as ‘segmentation’. Behdad will be present to field people’s questions about web analytics.

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 Tuesday, January 10 2012





W2 Media Cafe


Free, with $5 suggested donation.

Jeannine Mitchell, an award-winning finance writer, heads the non-profit Student Finance 101 Society, helping students manage student loans and other debt at www.debt101.ca

Behdad Barati
A well rounded IT expert, Behdad has been involved in Web Analytics for close to four years.
Behdad is also the organizer of the Web Analytics Champs meetup. http://www.meetup.com/Web-Analytics-Champs-WACH/


Net Tuesday is thrilled to have the W2 Media Cafe as our venue sponsor for the 2011-12 season.

They do cool things. Check them out!

New Meetup: Vancouver Salesforce nonprofit user group

Please join me at the first gathering of the Vancouver Nonprofit Salesforce User Group.

RSVP http://salesforcevancouver.eventbrite.com

This group is for anyone at any level using Salesforce in the nonprofit, education or social entrepreneur sectors.
Or even for those are aren’t using it yet, but are merely curious. We’ll be talking about CRM (customer relationship management) issues in general too.

This is your meetup, so the first meeting will be an informal discussion that will allow us to figure out the needs of the nonprofit community and determine what you want from a Salesforce meetup.

And while you’re waiting for the meetup to start why not apply for the Salesforce Foundation software grant?

We encourage neophytes to seasoned developers to share information with the larger community.
What’s working for you? What’s a struggle? What would you want to get out of a Salesforce meetup?

P.S. We’ll supply snacks courtesy of the Salesforce Foundation. (yay!)

RSVP http://salesforcevancouver.eventbrite.com/

Thursday, September 29, 2011 from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM

The HiVE
210 – 128 W Hastings St


Net Tuesday meetup July 5 – Managing volunteers with software and soft skills

Volunteers are awesome. So the July 5 Net Tuesday is gonna focus on volunteer coordination.

Volunteers are awesome, but the relationship between a nonprofit and a volunteer can be tricky.

VOLUNTEERS: Maybe the nonprofit never got back to you? Maybe the job they offered kinda sucked?

VOLUNTEER COORDINATORS: Are your volunteers creating a ridiculous pile of administrative paperwork and overhead? Can you find volunteers with the right skills? Why is this so hard?

Net Tuesday can’t solve all your volunteer-related challenges. We aren’t MAGIC.
But we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves that might help. Check this out:

DATE: Tuesday, July 5
TIME: Doors and (cash bar) booze at 5:30pm, Speakers at 6:00pm, Ends at 7:30pm
LOCATION: Pull Focus film school. 306 Abbott St (upstairs)

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ITEM: Volunteers for Salesforce

Elijah van der Giessen (Net Tuesday and David Suzuki Foundation) gives a demo of a free (for charities) application that helps manage volunteers and their hours, and creates forms to allow volunteer and job signup on your website.

Learn more:
An overview of the software: http://groundwire.org/labs/volunteers-for-salesforce
Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZm7osRj3lY
21 volunteer management systems compared: http://www.idealware.org/volunteer_management
Do you need an integrated database? http://www.idealware.org/tips/tracking_volunteers

But technology can’t solve your problems. It just makes you more efficient!

The secret to a strong relationship is a hot three-way. Sweet love betwen you, the volunteer AND the organization. Sound tricky? Sometimes it can be. That’s why Net Tuesday is bringing in Trina Isakson, a consultant with both professional and academic expertise in volunteers.

ITEM: Trina Isakson on how technology can help or hinder effective volunteer engagement

Trina Isakson recently completed masters research that examines effective leadership of volunteers, and is excited to discuss how technology can help or hinder good volunteer engagement. She is passionate about non-profit capacity, engaged citizenship, community development and education. Through volunteer activities and consulting and training work with 27 Shift, she helps non-profit organizations and universities strategically engage their next generation of employees, volunteers and donors.

Says Trina:

For the research, I interviewed a series of nonprofit staff/board members who had been identified as effectively engaging volunteers. None of the orgs had any problems (or even made much effort) recruiting volunteers, and more likely had to restrict the number of volunteers.

While the final results of my paper focused on leadership, the themes that arose from analyzing the interview transcripts I think are most interesting. Examples include:

  • volunteers were seen as peers and professionals, not subordinates
  • volunteer engagement was seen as everyone’s role in the organiztion (i.e. not just for a ‘volunteer coordinator’)
  • the organizations and individuals had a strong culture of learning and change
  • while they had volunteers that had to leave their roles/didn’t show to meetings etc., interviewees accepted this as a reality of the volunteers’ busy lives and adapted their volunteer engagement practices/scheduling to plan for this


They’re giving the event a home, and allow the meetup to be free. Plus they make awesome videos.
Pull Focus Film School
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306 Abbott St (near Cordova)
Vancouver, BC V6B 2K9

See you on Tuesday!

Net Tuesday Vancouver

Net Tuesday February 1: Should your nonprofit be selling merchandise?

CPAWS toqueDid your favorite nonprofit group send you an email over the holiday campaign season inviting you to buy a calendar, a t-shirt, or baby onesie? I certainly did.

As nonprofits struggle to adapt to changing donation patterns organizations like CPAWS, WWF and Pivot Legal are diversifying their revenue streams by selling merchandise to their supporters. But merchandise programs bring with them a host of new challenges, including inventory management, distraction from the core mission, and the potential to divert donors to a gift stream with lower net revenue.

But merchandise sales also bring lots of potential benefits. Join a panel of experts at Net Tuesday February and learn if selling merchandise is right for your organization.

Issues tackled:

  • What makes for a successful sales program?
  • How do you determine your program’s goals?
  • How do you setup a program that will meet your goals?
  • Will merchandise clash with your organization’s values?
  • Can merchandise sales support other organizational goals besides fundraising? How can it be used as an employment creation program?

It’s gonna be an awesome evening, so please RSVP.

Date: Tuesday, February 1
Doors: 5:30pm
Duration: 6:00 – 7:30pm
Venue: W2 Storyeum, 151 W Cordova

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Net Tuesday April 5: Tips in Social Media Outreach in Culturally Diverse Communities

Social media has opened up an entirely new way for various ethno-cultural communities to connect and share their experiences that affect them. Through a panel discussion, we’ll hear relevant success stories from social media experts and also explore the commonalities and differences among the various communities using social media. We’ll also look at the way diverse communities consume social media (online vs mobile, for example) and what that means for the future. Come learn and share your experiences with us in this very unique session.

Tentative Schedule
630-7pm – people start coming to event
705-715pm – introductions
715-815pm – panel discussion
8-845pm – open dialogue (unconference format)
845-9pm – networking

Vancouver Public Library

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Date: Tuesday, April 5
Location: Vancouver Public Library downtown branch


Background via @KetyE / Huffington Post

Special thanks to Ajay Puri and the Vancouver Public Library for producing this event with Net Tuesday.

Net Tuesday September 2010 – email communication isn’t dead yet

TOPIC: Email communications – not dead yet!

Join a panel of  experts from Vancouver’s nonprofit community as they discuss the value of email to their organizations, how they manage and grow their lists, and how they test and measure their campaigns so that they’re constantly improving.

DATE: Tuesday, September 14
TIME: 5:30 – 8:00pm
LOCATION: W2 Storyeum, 151 W Cordova, Vancouver, BC

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