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How Do You Attract Tech-Literate Talent? – See Crystal Henrickson at #DNP2018

How do you attract tech-literate talent? The competition for talent continues to grow, and while some nonprofits only use dollars as their competitive advantage, savvy organizations are turning towards attraction and retention strategies that individuals really want: work autonomy, location-independence and mobility. But, it’s not as simple as unplugging. Learn the key elements (and debunk the myths) to creating a remote-friendly employee culture.

See Crystal and 15 digital strategy experts at The Digital Nonprofit June 11, 2018.

Crystal Henrickson, CPCC, ACC Career and Leadership Coach, Talent Collective

Certified leadership + career coach and culture engagement strategist, Crystal works with new and seasoned leaders to develop engaged employee experiences. Scaling teams, developing leadership communication skills, mapping out professional development plans, and designing distributed and remote workplace solutions, are supported by her professional experiences in community building, marketing, sales, social media engagement, recruitment, distributed + localized team management.

Crystal has had the opportunity to drive talent, culture, marketing and community strategies at over 30 technology-focused companies like Yelp, Chimp, Invoke and Spring. Crystal is a location independent business owner and when not working, can be found in her garden, surrounded by a family of ducks, hens and a goose named Veruca.