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Event Report: 📚 Modern Annual Reports for Nonprofits: New Formats, New Tools 📹 💻 🛰

What makes for a good annual report? What makes a modern annual report?
We recruited some of Vancouver’s top reporting experts to share tips for creating effective annual reports quickly and cheaply! Here’s the video and slides from the February 6, 2018 Net2van event.

Facebook Live Video

Love video? Watch the livestream of the event.

Introduction with Event Host Stephanie Butler @writingquirky

The Planning Cycle with Maya Pankalla, Communications Lead, ISC BC @mayapankalla

Sourcing Content for Your Annual Repot with Chad Leaman, Director of Innovation, Neil Squire Society @chadleaman

Quick and Dirty Reporting Using Adobe Spark Video, with Eli van der Giessen, Community Manager, NetSquared @elivdg

Better Ways to Present Financial Data with Andrea Robertson of @Hypsypops

Un-Boring Financial Statements with Dene Paquin of Enkel Backoffice Solutions @DenePaquin

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