Tableau for Nonprofits

Partner Event: 501 Commons
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From fundraising to programs, from advocacy to evaluation, Tableau Foundation helps nonprofits make a bigger impact with their data. Thanks to the new Tableau for Non-profits program, most small nonprofits qualify for free copies of Tableau Desktop.
All organizations – even small ones! – have a vast amount of data at their disposal. But this data doesn’t have to be confusing or useless. It can help you make informed decisions on program development, fundraising campaigns, reporting, and strategic planning. Tableau helps nonprofits use their data to change communities.

This “Getting Started” session will introduce nonprofit staff and leadership to Tableau’s powerful, easy-to-use business intelligence software. Through the session, attendees will learn how to:
* Understand the importance of data visualization for evaluation and storytelling purposes
* Connect to their organization’s data on a PC, a server, in the cloud, or on the web
* Build compelling visualizations, dashboards, and storypoints
* Use quick filters to explore the intricacies of their data
* Share their data both inside and outside their organization

This is designed to be a beginner’s workshop, but if you’d like to get a head start on finding out why understanding data can be the key to building a stronger organization, check out Tableau’s training videos at

Meet the Presenters
Jason Schumacher is the Tableau Foundation’s program manager. He runs the Tableau Service Corps, the Foundation’s skilled volunteering initiative, as well as licensing programs for nonprofits. Previously, Jason ran Tableau’s academic programs, acting as a PM, trainer, and marketer. Before joining Tableau in 2012, Jason worked with data at a healthcare marketing agency, while asking himself the question “why am I not using Tableau for this?”

Steve Schwartz is the marketing manager for Tableau Software’s Social Impact efforts and supports the Tableau Foundation’s work. He is also the co-founder of Upaya Social Ventures, a nonprofit that is building businesses and creating jobs in India’s poorest communities. He is a former flak turned hack who spent more time chasing guinea fowl in West Africa than any reasonable person should.