Resolving the Design & Content Challenge: Automated and Curated Newsletters

We are constantly being told by marketing specialists that publishing a newsletter to one’s clients, sponsors or prospects is a key part of a well-conceived marketing plan in the social media age — provided it is well designed, and contains compelling content. However, for most, this is usually easier said than done.

Email marketing platforms, such as Constant Contact, Mad Mimi, and others, have made it easier to produce well-designed, single-page newsletters, but the problem of generating good content remained.

Few of us have the writing skills or resources to consistently produce good, original content that would interest our clients and prospects.

In this talk, Jonathan Stoppi will share two great options for  nonprofits to produce good looking newsletters with original content, with minimum outlay of time, effort, or cost:

• automated newsletters based on blog posts, and 

• curated newsletters, using a mixture of original content and linked content from related sites.

He will show examples from newsletters that he has set up and maintains for both nonprofits and commercial clients, as well as two of his own newsletters.

Suggested donation: $5.


5:30-6:00: Doors open, schmoozing, coffee, and snacks
6:00-6:05: NetSquared welcome and program updates
6:05-7:00: Presentation by Jonathan Stoppi and Q&A
7:00-7:05: Net2Vic Needs Parade
7:05-7:30: Mingling, talking about next steps

Jonathan Stoppi

Jonathan is a Net2Vic member and information designer with over 25 years experience of technical communication in the UK and Canada. He has done exhaustive research of the market, and built newsletters in both the nonprofit and commercial sector.