NONPROFIT ROUNDTABLE – Determining Solutions in the Time of COVID, and Beyond

On June 25th we will be convening for part 2 of a much needed conversation during this caronavirus crisis.

WE NEED NONPROFITS TO JOIN THE CONVERSATION so we can create something amazing together (starting) on July 18th at our partner organization’s DemocracyLab Summer Create-a-Thon! (

On June 4th, Seattle Tech4Good held a meeting to determine how we as a volunteer community of thousands of professionals (technologists, business analysts, designers, project managers, writers and social media experts) can help nonprofits and our communities thrive again while adjusting to the new normal.

We narrowed the challenges we believe ORGANIZATIONS are currently facing (or exacerbated by this crisis) down to 4 categories, and we need nonprofits and healthcare organizations to validate these suppositions and expand the conversation so we can start producing on July 18th:

Unemployment, reduced donation numbers and amounts, everyone scared and/or uncertain about what will happen next – this is indeed a crisis for many nonprofits.

Many nonprofits, including healthcare and education, typically provide services face-to-face for their constituents; with the COVID best safety practices of social distancing and staying at home, these organizations have to entirely rethink how they can do business, how they can adopt new technologies to aid in this new ‘no-touch’ economy. Additionally, with the reduction of funding, how do adapt conservatively with their dollars.

Though this is an ongoing challenge with many nonprofits, the crisis has exacerbated this situation and has made it more difficult without sanitary standards in place and understood (and reinforced). Resources include physical goods, such as diapers, food, boxes…and intellectual, to learn more how to conduct business during this time such as obtaining crucial connections and new partners, business and technology consultants, fundraising experts, etc.

Community not only includes everyday citizens, but also other nonprofits, neighborhood mom & pop stores, companies, etc. With a better understanding of who is doing what, nonprofits can both provide services in a more effective manner as well as reach out for help or resources.

Results may be social awareness campaigns; a web app; a website as a hub of communication, networking and resources; or all of the above. The ground is open. We have a large and motivated community. We are defining, focusing and prioritizing to be as quick and efficient as possible.

WE NEED NONPROFITS TO JOIN THE CONVERSATION! If you have ideas for solutions as well, we have created this forum to voice them.

– Introductions
– Introduce DemocracyLab platform, and volunteer community at large
– Discuss current suppositions
– Open floor to discuss challenges and potential solutions
– Prioritize!
– Determine 1-3 actionable projects for the Summer Create-a-Thon
– Discuss how organizations can stay involved
– I will share notes to all registrants

Please join the conversation, and share this event with your nonprofit colleagues and encourage them to lend their voice. We will be ready to start creating at the Summer Create-a-Thon on July 18th!

Feel free to reach out with ANY QUESTIONS.

Joel Meyers
Seattle Tech4Good Lead Organizer
DemocracyLab Leadership Team