Mastering Google Advertising in 30 Minutes a Week

In this workshop Jose Albis will walk you through how to set up your Google Adwords account and integrate it with Analytics Goals.

You’ll learn how to optimize your ads in a iterative process.

If you qualify for a Google Google for non-profits, this will help you take the most advantage of the $10,000 in free advertising that Google provides. 

Takeaways will include: 

• The 30 minutes weekly work plan (when applicable)

• A/B testing Ads

• Optimizing Copy

• In-house team and Agency collaboration

Jose may offer a followup Net2Vic presentation to continue the training, depending on audience interest and how much we are able to cover in one session.

Suggested donation: $5.

5:30-6:00: Doors open. schmoozing, coffee, and snacks
6:00-6:10: NetSquared welcome and program updates
6:10-7:00: Presentation by Jose Albis (w/ Q&A)
7:00-7:30: Mingling, talking about next steps

Jose Albis

Originally an Industrial Engineer, with a master in Communication, a TV and media specialization, with an aggregate of diplomas and certification, Jose Albis is in a combination of all, and online marketing engineer.

After his first technology company founded in 1996, has been co-founder of new ones in areas such as electronic medical Records, software development, and in the last 4 years the focus has been primarily in the areas of social media, mobile applications, and information analysis. A Google Adwords certified specialist since 2005, before the actual certification existed, Jose has basically sent Google millions of dollars through clients and the various organizations he’s worked for. Needless to say all of these represented revenues in higher amounts for all these accounts.

Currently continues to develop businesses in the technology sector and consulting for organizations in both the private and public sectors, and non-profit. He will be returning from a speaking and educational tour throughout Latin America, focused on Social Media, the anthropological and social impact of these technologies, as well as the potential of Big Data for industries and marketing. These themes not only cover how to use these tools to build advocacy and cult brands, but also how to use the current torrent of information to acquire valuable insight, how to develop models to identify market demands and trends and why it can be extremely valuable for predicting and developing new products.

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