Lighten the Load: Tech Tools for Not For Profits

Did you take on a role in your Not For Profit hoping to meaningfully contribute to problem-solving and easing suffering? Are you finding it difficult to make headway because you are bogged down with unnecessary work and frustrating systems and tools?

We hear it! So we’d like to focus this time on tech tools that can assist you. This will be a fast-paced event of five minute demos of tools and productivity tips that will make your life easier.

We will start with a few pre-prepared demos, but then we’ll open up the stage for your tips too! Want to show-off your favourite power-user tips? Share your idea here:

Suggested donation: $5.


5:30-6:00: Doors open, juice and snacks
6:00-6:05: NetSquared welcome and program updates
6:05-6:10 NetSquared Victoria Needs Parade*
6:10-7:05: Tools to Tame Trouble Tasks
7:05-7:30: Mingling and mind-melding ?
Optional 7:30 Onward: Carry on the conversation – Drinks at the Sherwood (one block from venue).

Featuring special guest Elijah van der Giessen of NetSquared HQ.

*The Needs Parade is a chance to share an ask or an offer with the NetSquared Community. During the Parade participants have 30 seconds to share either a request (my event is looking for a photographer!) or an offer (my organization offers free tech reviews to non-profits).