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Are you still using a gmail, yahoo or similar email address for your nonprofit or charity? Is your website on, or similar?
Would you donate money to a website with a long and confusing domain name, or one hosted on a foreign or unfamiliar domain? Probably not. Likewise, many nonprofits are still using free email tools like Gmail and Hotmail to send their communications. With your own domain name, you can host your emails on a professional and trusted email address, like [email protected] Looks a lot more professional, credible and trusted than [email protected], right?

Join us for our free “Reclaim Your Domain” office hours and get personal 1:1 or small group support for any of your domain-related questions.

Get help with:

Selecting a domain name (if you don’t already have one) Determining the best free option for creating email address on your own domain Transitioning your website to your own name like MyCharityName.Ca
When you secure your own domain name, you ensure that you are owning, protecting, controlling and building your brand online. That’s because when you register a domain name, nobody else can have it; it’s uniquely yours! It not only strengthens your brand, but also makes it easier for people to find you online.