Slides + Video from Full Spectrum Civic Engagement with Steve Anderson

40 people showed up for Steve Anderson’s talk on building campaigns – a record for a July event!

But if you couldn’t make it we’ve got the slides and video from what he calls “Full Spectrum Engagement”. Steve shared tangible case studies and essential best practices you can implement in your next campaign. Steve talked about how leading digital rights organization OpenMedia and others have used this sophisticated form of civic engagement to grow and deepen communities leading to tangible campaign victories.



We also have the video in three different flavors. So pick your favourite!

Webinar-style for those who want to focus on the slides

Periscope video from Gillian Vrooman – static camera

Facebook Live video with a more dynamic camera, but sound might not be as good

Show and Tell – one minute community announcements from members


About our Presenter Steve Anderson

Steve Anderson is the Founder and Senior Advisor at award winning civic engagement digital rights organization OpenMedia.

He is a digital policy analyst and open Internet advocate. Steve is also considered a leader in strategies for civic engagement and crowdsourcing. He co-founded New/Mode as a means to distribute OpenMedia’s innovative strategies and tools to other civic organizations.

In 2011 won the Canadian Internet Registration Authority’s (CIRA) Impact Awards for its work on protecting the open Internet and promoting innovation and free expression online.

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