Event report: IT Project Management for Nonprofits

Here’s a terrifying statistic: 70% of Information Technology (IT) projects failStudies consistently show that even well-resourced organizations have a better-than-even chance of project failure. Reasons include “fuzzy business objectives”, “out-of-sync stakeholders” and “excessive rework”. In short: a lack of good project management (and not a shortage of money.)

That’s why Net Tuesday Vancouver collaborated with PM-volunteers.org on March 5 for “IT project management for nonprofits”. Experts from PM-Volunteers provided an introduction to the core skills of project management and presented a case study on their work with BC211’s Information Management System Implementation.

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IT Project management for nonprofits

A fast and furious story about one groups successful experience with pm-volunteers.org.

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Home | pm-volunteers.orgPM-Volunteers.org™ (PM-V) is a grassroots initiative of the project management community. Our mission is to mobilize the project manageme…
Don Williams, PM-V’s Senior Client Relationship Manager, and Shawn Hawkins, the volunteer project manager for BC211’s Information Management System Implementation Project, will be co-presenting the session.
IT Project management for nonprofitsHere’s a terrifying statistic: 70% of Information Technology (IT) projects fail! Studies consistently show that even well-resourced …
It was really interesting to hear from Shawn Hawkins about how pm-volunteers.org works. For such a young organization, it’s good to see how they are making a difference in such an effective way. It was great to have the opportunity to learn from their experiences.                                                                                                                                                                              Stephen Bau
Hey @pmvolunteersorg – @DonaldwDon and Shawn Hawkins KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK last night. Amazing! VIDEO: http://ow.ly/isN5A #ntvanNet Tuesday Meetup

The slides (alas not snakes)

IT Project Management for Nonprofits – Net Tuesday March 5 2013IT PROJECT MANAGEMENT FOR NONPROFITS A CASE STUDY

Videos and Photox..

Net Tuesday Vancouver at the Hive presents: IT Project management for nonprofitsmindagape
#ntvanDavid Gloyn-Cox
#ntvanDavid Gloyn-Cox
Eli’s Standard Introduction to Net Tuesday Vancouverevdg

A feed, because it is…

We’re hosting another awesome @NetTuesday #ntvan meetup tonight! Thanks to @elijah, @chadleaman & @pmvolunteersorg! http://pic.twitter.com/R4Fl7GK89vThe HiVE – Vancouver
#ntvan welcome to our visitors, really pleased to see nice faces.Net Tuesday Meetup
#ntvan welcome to Sean and Don…Net Tuesday Meetup
#ntvan @pm-volunteers help out since Nov 2009Net Tuesday Meetup
#ntvan over 80 projects and 5000 hours of support. ? lovelyNet Tuesday Meetup
Learning about IT project managmt @NetTuesday. Lots of great takeaways this month! #ntvanVanessa Chase
Looking for community, social or government services? Simply DIAL 2-1-1. http://ow.ly/1T9Qdi @bc211help #ntvanChad Leaman
#ntvan #pmv scope of work, deliverables, project sponsor, and objectives.Net Tuesday Meetup
#ntvan #pmv breakout session raised question s, Shawn stressed importance of questions and communication.Net Tuesday Meetup
#ntvan #pmv how to spread the thin patiena of money effectively.Net Tuesday Meetup
Non Profit Project Management Training – Great free resources to assist you, from @pmvolunteersorg http://ow.ly/1T9Sd7 #ntvan #npmmChad Leaman
Definitely see many applications for a Risk Register in other areas of #nonprofit work. #ntvanVanessa Chase
RT @chadleaman: Non profit PM Training – Great free resources to assist you, from @pmvolunteersorg http://ow.ly/1T9Sd7 #ntvan #npmmErin Jeffery
@hivevancouver @NetTuesday last night was super-fun. Thanks for being our host. I <3 our sponsors! #ntvanEli van der Giessen

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A chance for you to promote your needs and skillz, you have one minute to ptich, sing dance whatever. have fun and effect the world.
#ntvan prep for one minute updates, tweet us if you’d like a mention. #1minUpNet Tuesday Meetup
@Dreffed @NetTuesday hire a youth with a physical disability, I’ll pay their wage for 8 weeks. #ntvan http://www.neilsquire.ca/latest-news/employers-enable-youth-disability-work/Chad Leaman
Looking for Employers – Enable Youth with a Disability to workYouth Enabled Program Enable youth with a disability to work The Neil Squire Society’s Youth Enabled Program is an employment program for…
Needs some help with yout strategy, Anthony is willing to help and guide you down the paths…
Anthony C Taylor – Canada | LinkedInWebsites: Interests: Marketing, Branding, Basketball, Soccer, Public Speaking, Cooking, Strategy, reading, personal development, Making B…

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