FREE Webinar Series for Charities in Canada

Our pals at PeerGiving ideas are presenting a series of free webinars to help you kickstart the new year. And they’re just 30 minutes each. Efficient!

March 6 – May 1 2012

Community Management  101
 Online Training for Charities & Non-Profits
Story Telling, Social Media and Creative Fundraising Campaigns

Series Overview
Do you want to know how to implement online story telling, build your social media presence and inject creativity into your fundraising campaigns?

We want to let you know about am upcoming webinar series from Peer Giving. Their weekly “Training 101” series provides resources and discussion on building strategy, using analytics, utilizing social media campaigns and more.

Peer Giving is a thought leader on the web and the non-profit world. They work directly with charities to develop fundraising platforms and strategies.Every week for 8 weeks Peer Giving’s Communications Team provides a live 25-minute webinar. The webinars are designed to provide you with ideas on how to incorporate the latest free technology that’s available for your charity to raise more support.

Topics covered include:

  • Intro to Community Management
  • Savvy Social Media
  • Composing E-Letters
  • Making Quick Videos
  • Using Google Analytics
  • The Ask
  • Learning from Traditional Fundraising
  • Building A Strategy

Past guest facilitators have included such communications experts as Erin Bury from Sprouter and Merry McCarron from “charity:water”.

To take part in these FREE seminars:

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All sessions begin at 11:00 am PST/2:00 pm EST and include Q&A, polls and resources to take away to share with your staff.
For more information visit:

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