#NETCulture: Stories of Culture and Diversity in Social Media

Stories connect us to each other, our cultures, and the world. Come and hear from inspiring speakers reflecting our culturally diverse communities who will show how social media has helped them strengthen their identities, roots and friendships. How can Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other tools help you do the same? Ask the speakers in this interactive session. Afterwards, meet community leaders and social media activists at the after-party!

Tues April 5th
VPL Central Branch

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Keynote Speaker: Kety Esquivel

* Veronica Heringer | Tribal DDB www.ddbcanada.com/
* Ray Hsu + Zi-Ann Lum | Too Azn http://waytooazn.com/
* Jordana Mah | Schema Magazine www.schemamag.ca/
* RJ Aquino + Jay Catalan | Tulayan
* Norma Ibarra + Paola V Murillo | Latincouver www.latincouver.ca/
* Ashok Puri | Retiree + World Traveller

More info: FacebookMeetup

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