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Net Tuesday November notes – online video for nonprofits

Thanks to everyone for coming out and making the panel work (all those hard questions!) A special shout-out goes to W2 Community Media Arts Society, who provided the venue.

Special thanks to panelists:

There’s been an interesting discussion on Pull Focus’ Meatless Mondays video on the Meetup.com page. And you can watch the original “Meathead” video on Youtube.

Resources and presentation slides:


  • Youtube caption editing and translation
  • Universal Subtitles – in-browser subtitling of any video. Just launched by Mozilla (the folks behind Firefox)

Videos examples from event:

Free audio resources:

Other cool resources:

Links via Miraj Khaled

Other than youtube grants, projects with feature length video ideas may benefit from the examples &
grant/awards at the Skoll foundation & Participant Media

A youtube success story: one-man’s video journey to change the world

New ways to learn & collaborate:

The Slides:
[slideshare id=5734168&doc=nettuesdaynovember2010-video-101110233237-phpapp01]