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Net Tuesday June: How to turn your party into an EVENT

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Last month Net Tuesday focused on event-based fundraising. But some of you were even more curious about  the process of creating an event.

And so, because I’m here to help you scratch your itches, the June Net Tuesday will feature a how-to on creating successful local events.

Also featuring:

  • Helen Stortini, Growing Chefs, on her event fundraising software solution
  • Apps 4 Climate Action with David Hume, Executive Director, Citizen Engagement, Ministry of Citizen Services

Events are hard.

But they can also be a major part of an organization’s fundraising or engagement-building strategy.

Make the planning of your next event (or your first!) less hard by following these steps, courtesy of Marc Smith of Amuse Consulting:

How to turn your party into an EVENT!
  1. Create a mission statement for your event.
  2. What’s the buzz? What do you want people to say when they leave…?
  3. Venue, Venue, Venue. Choose the right venue based on tip #1 and #2.
  4. Know what your target audience is.
  5. Your event starts with the invitation and ends with a follow-up Thank you.
  6. Create layers of participation/entertainment.
  7. Be the Host! Have someone else run the logistics for you.
  8. Base your budget on a per person basis.
  9. Thank you gifts that are memorable, useful and have a life.
  10. Have fun! If you enjoy it, they will.

Marc Smith’s interactive presentation will take us through these steps as he guides us through the process of creating an event.

And I’ve already warned Marc that the Net Tuesday crowd is an inquisitive bunch, so don’t worry about interrupting him with questions!

Marc Smith’s Bio:
Founder and principal of Amuse Consulting, Marc Smith brings more than a decade of event planning experience to each event. Having worked for seven years at Capers Community Markets in Vancouver as Regional Demo and Special Event Coordinator, Marc planned a wide variety of sponsored and in-store events. He is a graduate (and valedictorian!) of Leadership Vancouver, and is a founding board member of the BC Ethics in Action Society. He is a board member of Just Singing Round Foundation and has volunteered for three years for Dining Out For Life for A Loving Spoonful. Marc’s full CV is available on Linkedin.com/amuseconsulting.