VIDEO: Crafting a Great Story and Leveraging Your Video to Drive Traffic

Did you know more than 50% of people watch video every day? How about: having a video on your home page can increase conversions (think donations) by 80%? What does it take to create a compelling video, one that hits the hearts and minds of the viewer and compels them to action?

Come to our next ST4G Meetup at ATLAS WORKBASE* on June 6th from 6-8pm to find out how to CRAFT A GREAT STORY, then LEVERAGE YOUR VIDEO TO DRIVE TRAFFIC (e.g. increased search engine optimization, social media shares, etc).

Michael Sharon, Principle of 6162 Productions, will share his proven formula for Crafting the Story, Building Value, and Driving Impact. To help you get thinking about your next great video he will lead you through an exercise so you can walk away with an outline for your next video.

Geoffrey Purkis, owner of Seattle Web Search, will then explain how video can be a real, tangible advantage to your SEO efforts and will provide tips and tricks to maximize your video presence using YouTube and drive traffic.


Doors open at 5:45
6-6:30 Light Refreshments and Networking
6:30-7:45 Speakers
7:45-8pm (or until they kick us out) questions and Networking

*Atlas Workbase is a brand new form of shared workspace. Their spaces range from communal “cafe” style to private offices. What I like the most is the stunning modern Steelcase furniture! PARKING IS FREE (under QFC in the garage)