The Accidental Techie

Join us Sept. 27th, 2017 for a discussion on taking on the role of “Accidental Techie” at your office. Have you been in this situation? Not setting out to be IT or data staff, but — for better or worse — ending up managing databases, designing websites, or maintaining hardware and infrastructure.

Accidental techies are a driving force in the nonprofit sector. Programmers and IT staff who were first social workers, program coordinators, or something else completely unrelated often end up in this role. Often without identified or formalized job descriptions, staff members are likely to be under recognized or underpaid. Being one of the most well-rounded or competent technology staff members doesn’t have to be a burden, though.

Our guest speakers will talk about how important it is to recognize and support the accidental techies in your organization. And — if you are yourself an accidental techie — how to create a support system and advocate for yourself, as well as discuss some free or low-cost tools and supports that can help your organization use technology more effectively including some information about programs from NTEN ( Nonprofit Technology Network) and Free Geek.

Watch this space for more details as we get closer to the date.


Megan Villwock is a Research Analyst at a local non-profit dedicated to assisting public managers and human service organizations develop services and supports that work for children, adults, and families. Originally from Michigan, Megan has a public health and social work background, and had intended to be a public health social worker. She has worked with non-profit organizations in the states of Michigan, California, Alaska, and Oregon – and, inevitably, has served as an accidental techie each time.

Faced with the challenge of balancing organizational mission and responsibilities with the fast pace and opportunity of technology, Megan now works primarily a database manager and budding software developer. She is currently in the process of developing business intelligence software that is intended to help public managers manage data and make data-informed policy decisions.