Pints Not Profits: Field Trip to Vancouver Hackspace

Pints Not Profits – let’s bring nonprofit techies together over a pint after work. We’ll meet at Vancouver Hackspace (VHS) – The community garage for a community without garages!

This will be an informal opportunity to chat about #Tech4Good, meet new people, and learn about a community space that has all the tools you’d ever need to make your ideas come to life. 

There will be an informal soldering workshop where you can make your own LED blinking badge. VHS runs the “learn to solder” booth every year at the Vancouver Mini Makerfaire, and for $5 worth of parts, you can build your own blinking PCB button badge! 

VHS is a physical space where people gather to share ideas, tools, opinions, and beer. Members work on personal projects, collaborate, and learn new skills. More than just a studio space, we share knowledge in a friendly and open atmosphere. We like 3D printers, laser cutting, machining, woodwork, robots, crafting, welding, electronics, coding, art, music, and more!

Wrap up your September, by (re)connecting with civic minded technical people, share ideas, learn a new skill, and have a drink.