Nonprofit Technology Trends for 2018 – What Should You Be Paying Attention To?

Trend or Fad? What do nonprofits need to do to stay current?

Six presenters will give 10 minute overviews of the most important developments in nonprofit technology, including:

– Practical Information Security: How to Protect again Meltdown and Spectre, with Kris Constable @cqwww
– Dark Posts on Social Media, with Ashleigh Turner @sexwithashleigh
– Hypertargeting, with Darren Barefoot @dbarefoot
– Text Messaging for Campaigning, with Leah Bae @leahebae
– VR for Nonprofits, with Leena Minifie @leenaminifie
– Plus a few other surprises. Share your trend ideas in the comments below…

This is going to be a fast-paced and fascinating evening. So join us. And did we mention it’s free? ?