Introduction to AWS for Nonprofits & NGOs – Amazon Web Services


Tens of thousands of nonprofits and NGOs worldwide use AWS to build highly available, scalable websites, host core business and employee-facing systems, and manage donor outreach and fundraising efforts – keeping them mission centric. From issue advocacy to charitable causes, from health and welfare to education, nonprofit organizations use AWS to radically reduce infrastructure costs, build their capacity, and reduce waste. This helps nonprofit organizations pave the way for innovation and, ultimately, make the world a better place through technology.

Getting started on AWS is simple. Learn more by attending our session hosted at AWS office at Vancouver Downtown and sign up to get started today!

Through TechSoup Canada eligible nonprofits can get access to $2,000 per year in donated AWS credits.

The session will be a high level overview of AWS sharing global success stories of Nonprofit customers. We will be addressing common business concerns around Business continuity, Disaster recovery, productivity enhancement and transformation. Ideal for nonprofit executives and decision makers.

What is cloud
AWS partner network
Success stories
Common challenges around Business continuity and productivity enhancement