How to Have Fun with Facebook Ads

Karl Hardin will lead a hands-on workshop where you will learn about how to write a good ad, test it, target different audiences and learn along the way so you are better poised to increase: traffic to your website, sign ups for your e-mail list and engagement with and the reach of your brand and story.

And fun, it’ll be lots of fun.

Suggested donation: $5.


5:30-6:00: Doors open, schmoozing, coffee, and snacks
6:00-6:05: NetSquared welcome and program updates
6:05-7:00: Presentation by Karl Hardin and Q&A
7:00-7:05: Net2Vic Needs Parade
7:05-7:30: Mingling, talking about next steps

Karl Hardin

Karl Hardin is a digital communications consultant. He cut his teeth at Dogwood Initiative, where he helped grow Dogwood’s e-mail subscription list by hundreds of thousands of e-mails over 5 years and 5 election campaigns.

Karl is a trained ecologist who is laser-focused on finding the most impactful ways to combat climate change. He believes in the power of organizing and is excited about the potential of digital technologies to accelerate the basic unit of how change happens: one-on-one conversations between neighbours around shared values.