How Nonprofits Can Create 10x the Content Without More Work


Are you avoiding the blank page of writing an article, with no idea what to write, and a hundred other things you end up doing instead?

Do you scroll social media for your organization, wishing you had something better to post today?

Creating content doesn’t have to be a headache, it can be fun and easy if we change our mindset and adapt the hacks outlined in this webinar.

This isn’t just the world of content, it’s the world of relationships, audience building, and stewardship online to drive future donations.

But content takes time, so it gets left behind! Sadly though, without YOU creating content, you’re leaving your donors to see nothing but posts about the WE Charity scandal and the latest Kardashian drama!

So if the answer to online presence is more content, the next question is how the heck do you do it?? Nonprofits are so busy. This event will show you HOW to create way more content and reduce the time you spend creating.

With more content you have the chance to connect, learn, improve, and do it all over again.

PS. This event is for everyone in your organization, not just the marketing manager. We can all get involved in content!

Joel Harrison is the founder of (BC impact news and job listings), a social impact podcaster, and marketing consultant for nonprofits and social enterprises. You can find links to everything at