How Delivering Webinars Can Benefit Your Mission

Webinars. We’ve all been in them. But have you organized or delivered one?

This Net2Van session will have two of our volunteer organizers, Tonya and Chad, share case studies of why their organizations pursued webinars as part of fulfilling their mission. We’ll cover pros and cons of the medium, best practices and things learned the hard way, benchmark webinar platforms, and walk you through the process of delivering a successful webinar: planning, recruiting speakers, marketing, delivery techniques, and follow-up.

Speakers: Tonya Hyde and Chad Leaman

Tonya Hyde is a Professional Development Coordinator with the Association of Engineers and Geoscientists of BC. In her current role, she plans and runs continuing education courses for engineers and geoscientists across the province. Prior to working at APEGBC, she held the position of Project Manager at the Canadian Institute for the Relief of Pain and Disability. In this role, she created a webinar programming strategy which built the credibility of the organization as a top resource for evidence-based information on chronic pain and workplace disability issues. In her time there, Tonya organized and ran over 125 webinars, 3 scientific conferences, and many smaller, in-person educational programs. Her experience ranges from sourcing speakers, planning programming schedules, organizing in-person education events, and marketing those events for maximum engagement. 

Chad Leaman is the Director of Development for the Neil Squire Society, which offers technology, computer literacy and employment programming for people with physical disabilities. Chad has a long background in learning management systems and educational technology, developing a blended elearning methodology that reached people with disabilities across Canada, opening learning centres in many rural and Aboriginal communities. He has spoken at many conferences and webinars on the impact of technology for learning, especially in the social / non-profit sector as this is where his passion lies. One year, he delivered over 1,000 hours of webinar learning content. He also serves as Chair for BC Technology for Learning Society, which refurbishes over 8,000 computers a year for schools, non-profits and other at-need populations in BC. He’s a father of young twins which is the source of much joy, sleeplessness and scraped knees.