Google Adwords Hands-On Workshop: Creating Your First Ad

Get $10,000 of FREE advertising with the Google Grants – we’ll show you how and help you set up your first Adwords campaign. Bring your laptop for this hands-on workshop

Google Grant Application 
Figuring out if you have the right materials takes time so we’ll help you complete your organization’s application for a Google Grant.

Google AdWords Setup 
It can take a while to set up effective ad campaigns in Adwords. So we’ll show you how to set up, organize, and optimize your campaigns. 

If you are already using Google Adwords we’ll split you into a group of more advanced users.


Before arriving for the workshop please ensure that your organization has:

• A free TechSoup Canada account:

• Applied for your Google Grant:

• Identified three landing pages on your webiste with a trackable conversion point 

Fill out this survey before you arrive!

Presenting Partner: Nonprofit Supply Co. 

At Nonprofit Supply Co., we specialize in applying for and managing Google Grants for nonprofits. Our team of specialists is AdWords certified to provide you with the expertise and knowledge to drive results. Nonprofit Supply Co. is an initiative by Shift Charity.