Digital Communications for Nonprofits

In today’s world, nonprofits cannot avoid communicating with donors, supporters, clients, and policymakers through digital mediums. Knowing this, how can nonprofits amplify their voice and communicate their mission?

Digital Communication encompasses all the words, videos, infographics, charts and data you produce through your website, social media channels, emails and various other tools you might use for communication. Some communication is automated yet most of it is written by your marketing and communications person(s), your social media managers, program leads, ED’s or perhaps even interns, volunteers or board members.

This FREE three-and-a-half hour workshop is structured to help you understand what digital communications is and discover some strategies and tactics you can use to communicate your organizational mission, reach the right people, maximize your time and resources, and amplify your impact. In addition to reviewing strategy, messaging, and best practices, we’ll also discuss how to leverage technology.

THIS WORKSHOP IS BEING HELD BY OUR PARTNER, 501 COMMONS, and will be held in the Panorama Room on the 8th floor of Pacific Tower.

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Questions to consider include: 

• Do you have a unified communications strategy and plan in place that is known across your organization? 

• Are you familiar with the current best practices? 

• Are your communications in-line with your mission? 

• Are you communicating effectively what you need to communicate, and to the right people? 

• Are you effectively driving traffic to your calls to action and focus areas, and do you know how to check? 

• Are you using the best channels for your intended audiences? 

• Does the hierarchy of information on your website reflect your priorities? 

• Does your website content management system (e.g. WordPress, Drupal, etc) help or hinder your communications and what improvements should you make? 

• Do you know how CRMs (constituent relationship managers) cultivate donors and relationships and what tools you should use? 

• Do you use text to give or SMS for other alerts or messages? When is text/SMS appropriate?

This hands-on, interactive workshop will be divided into sessions where you will hear answers to the above questions and much more. Through presentations, breakout exercises and Q&A you will be able to learn from the two speakers as well as from each other. You will walk away with a much better understanding of where your needs and gaps are, and what you are doing well.

Come prepared to share and learn at this engaging and informative tech talk!


Tyler LePard, Wondershop Communications, Communications & Digital Strategy for Good
Tyler is an accomplished digital strategist, advocate, and communications professional with a decade of experience working with nonprofits and private foundations. She excels at integrating digital and “traditional” communications, bridging the gap between digital natives and luddites. 

Tyler is excited about using the power of the internet to connect people – whether it’s Millennials with Baby Boomers, potential donors with great causes, or people around the world who have similar interests. She’s a professional storyteller who lives in the digital world. Tyler is also a grammar geek and a pop culture aficionado.

Joel Meyers, Fuse IQ, Co-founder and Director of Business Development
As partner and Accounts Manager, Joel helps provide vision and leadership guiding all solutions Fuse IQ provides to their clients. Starting in the tech industry in 1996 Joel has worked for Adobe Systems, Imation, AdRelevance, Inc., Media Metrix, Xchange Applications, and designing and building web experiences for several award-winning companies in the start-up community during the dotcom boom days. 

He recently co-founded and is Executive Director of a startup nonprofit organization, Basa Village Foundation, addressing needs of local communities in rural Nepal. Joel is also a 10 year member of Solutions For Good, an alliance of professionals whose primary interest is serving nonprofit organizations, and served on the board for Seattle AIGA as Web Director for 3.5 years and is the co-founder of the Design for Good initiative. He is lead organizer for Seattle Tech4Good and has recently been elected to the Advisory Council for Unloop. Joel is also a graduate from the Global Leadership Forum that teaches about all aspects of running small and larger international NGO’s.

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