CRMs for Nonprofits: Abandoning Excel for a grown-up CRM

It can be difficult for smaller organizations to follow expert advice and best practices for adopting and optimizing supporter relationships with a customer relationship management (CRM) platform, like NationBuilder or Engaging Networks.

When is the right moment to make the leap from a spreadsheet or ad hoc system to a CRM solution? And, which platform is the right fit for your organization?

This session features on-stage interviews with people who have confronted all sides of the CRM question: from within orgs and as consultants to them. Attendees will gain wisdom about when to adopt a CRM and what questions to ask to make the right infrastructure decisions for their organizations.

Hosted by Darren Barefoot @dbarefoot
Presented by NetSquared Vancouver @net2van
Venue partner HiVE Vancouver @hivevancouver

@lexstoymenoff – Alexis Stoymenoff
@brentonwalters – Brenton Walters
@e_tegui – Elena Inurrategui

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