Community & Volunteer Manager Camping Trip


Camping. For Community Managers! Chill and gossip with your peers at the campfire.

Let’s go camping. It’ll be fun!

We’re planning a very loosely organized overnight camping trip with your Community Manager pals. Wanna come? We’ll drink, we’ll laugh, we’ll cry and we’ll eat s’mores around a campfire.

WHAT WE’LL DO: Hang out. Tell ghost stories. Look for the orca pod that lives in the local waters.

THE COST: $10.00 to reserve your camp site. You provide your own food and drink.

HOW LONG: Overnight. We arrive Saturday noon and leave Sunday afternoon.

GETTING THERE: Lighthouse Marine Park is in America, but you’re crossing a “locals” border, so it should take less than an hour to drive from downtown Vancouver. Directions <a>here.</a>