501 Commons Partnership Event: Design Thinking Workshop for Nonprofits

501 Talks Tech and Seattle Tech4Good, in partnership with DemocracyLab and Dupla Studios, present:

Design Thinking: Creating Real Solutions to Real Problems

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Design thinking is a framework, or process, that helps organizations and project leaders deliver innovative, inventive, and practical solutions to real problems. This workshop, developed by Seattle Tech4Good, DemocracyLab, and Dupla Studios will provide you with tools and methods to develop empathy for your customers, create a problem definition, identify solutions and then evaluate the viability of those solutions.

This workshop will walk you through the steps of how to connect with your target audience and develop relevant information about them. You will learn about research methods that you will be able to apply immediately in your space. We will show how to connect your data to the problem you are trying to solve. You will gain the ability to translate research data into problem insights which are essential to the creation of practical solutions. You will learn how to test your hypotheses to mitigate the risks and arrive at the best possible outcome. Finally you will leave with the ability to create real solutions that are viable with the resources you have at your disposal.

Meet the Presenters
Kevin Decker, Dupla Studios

Co-Founder & Principal Researcher

BA in Psychology, graduate work in Research Design & Statistics. 17 years of experience in UX research, 13 years at Microsoft, 2 years at Amazon.

Verticals: Hardware, Games, IT Management, R&D, Web, Productivity.

Melissa Quintanilha, Dupla Studios

Co-Founder & Principal Designer

BS in Computer Science, MFA in Interaction Design. 15 years of experience in Design, 7 years at Microsoft.

Verticals: IT Management, Automotive, Healthcare, Social Media, Productivity, R&D.

RSVP HERE: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/501-talks-tech-design-thinking-workshop-for-nonprofits-registration-61705895996