Net Tuesday: How nonprofits win with word of mouth marketing with Darren Barefoot

This is the year I get off my duff and put some effort into my Net Tuesday meetups.
I’ve committed to one per month for the year, and I’ve brought on an organizing team to help. I’m super jazzed for the first event of the season:


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How nonprofits win with word of mouth marketing with Darren Barefoot
with Darren Barefoot

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If you only engage in ordinary outreach activities – petition asks,
email marketing and Google AdWord buys – you won’t get noticed in a busy landscape where every nonprofit is vying for attention and support. Why? When everyone does the same thing, no one organization shines.

Truly remarkable organizations get their marketing done for them – for free – by their most excited, committed, passionate and devoted fans. They earn it by providing exceptional member experiences, by being unique, bold and creative. Word-of-mouth isn’t just about one-off gimmicks or “viral” campaigns. It’s an overall approach to movement building based on a new online reality where everyday people have become the most powerful marketing department on the planet.

In this session, we’ll discuss how nonprofits and charities are creating
remarkable online campaigns based on the theory and philosophy of
movement marketing. You’ll learn from experienced practitioners how to augment limited budgets with creativity and technology that will help your nonprofit get talked about.

DATE: Tuesday, September 6
W2 Woodwards
#250 – 111 West Hastings
Vancouver, BC

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Darren Barefoot is internet famous. He has an honest-to-goodness wikipedia page.

He likes to play on the internet. He’s tweeted more than 17,444 times and it has been suggested that he’s Reddit’s biggest booster. Plus he’s co-written several books, the latest of which is Friends with Benefits: A Social Media Marketing Handbook.

For the official bio:


The venue is generously provided by W2 Community Media Arts. They’re lovely!

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