Discount Codes

And friends and sponsors love you. Here’s some discount codes for their services.

NTEN Webinars

Use code net2van at checkout for 20% off all paid webinars and lab.

Our sponsor and sector champion NTEN offers regular webinars for nonprofit techies. NTEN members always get 50% off, but you’ll get an additional 20% off as a Net2van member.

How it will work out:

  • NTEN Non-Members: 20% Tech Club discount
  • NTEN Members: 50% Member Discount + 20% Tech Club Discount = 70% off regular price

Check out their upcoming webinars at

Spring Classes for Social Entrepreneurs

Use code Net2Vanreferral2015 for 10% off any paid workshop

Flightpath is Spring Activator’s non-equity educational programming. We walk with you as your startup grows from early stage, through accelerator stage, to growth or expansion stage. Our courses ensure your trajectory continues to travel upwards by giving you access to expertise and resources from industry veterans.

Flightpath covers four key areas of your business

  1. Finance
  2. Investment
  3. Business Functions (e.g. PR, digital marketing, design, sales)
  4. Team, Talent & Culture

Check out their calendar of education below or view upcoming course details here.